Kathy Leberman

Leberman, Kathy web picDec. 1950 – Sept. 2015

Kathy Leberman (Fanning), 64, passed away just before the midnight hour on September 15, 2015 after a hard fought battle with breast cancer. She is survived by her loving husband Jack; sister Betty Ottoboni (Fanning); her daughter Athena Bench; three grandchildren; her niece Lana Monestier; her dog Dexter and cats, Oliver and Simon.

Kathy’s bright smile, her intoxicating laughter and her gourmet meals, of course with a glass of wine or brandy, will be missed dearly by her friends and family. Kathy’s brilliant mind made her a valuable asset to several law offices in Modesto and her creative mind delighted those around her with the tinkling of the keys on the piano, a charcoal pencil on the sketch pad or the perfect homemade crust on apple pie.

In lieu of flowers you are welcome to donate in memory of Kathy to Susan G. Komen to Fight Breast Cancer, P.O. Box 650309, Dallas, Texas 75265 or the American Cancer Society.


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