Ronald W. Philpot

Ronald Philpot, 54, of Modesto passed away at Doctors Medical Center on Friday. Ronald is survived by his parents Donna and Richard Philpot of Modesto; son Gary Philpot; daughters Veronica Phillips and Danielle Philpot, both of Phoenix, Arizona and seven grandchildren.

Ronald was an amazing cook; his love of cooking, holidays, family celebrations and a good cold Budweiser built a foundation of many cherished memories, as well as the love and pride he took in just being a dad.

A Graveside service will be Friday, October 28th at 1:30pm at the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery in Gustine.


  1. Father,I thank you for allowing me to meet Ronald and eventually become him and Tina’s brother in law and his wonderful children’s uncle. And thank you for the love and prayers you put in my heart for him all these years. Father,I pray You watch, lead
    and bless his wife Tina,his wonderful and beautiful children Paul,Veronica and Danielle and his grandsons and granddaughters…and thank you for his quiet and peaceful departure (towards you?) :)…amen. Whittier, CA

  2. I miss Ron and will always have a fondness for him in my heart. Many years ago, Ron asked me to sponsor him for the sacrament of Confirmation. I was so happy to do this and so honored. He and I attended many prepratory classes before the day he was confirmed
    at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Los Nietos, California. I believe that day was one of the most special and spiritually fulfilling in his life and in the life of his beautiful wife, TinaMarie – Ron was baptized into the Catholic faith; Ron and Tinamarie
    had their marriage blessed by a Catholic priest; and Ron was confirmed, with me by his side – all in one day! I remember that Ron could build anything and his homes were examples of his talents. He loved cooking and made a mean Hollandaise sauce that I won’t
    forget. He loved a cold Bud, a smoke, and a laugh. In my heart and memory, Ron will always be a great guy. God bless you Ron, and may you rest in peace with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Whittier, CA

  3. You will be missed. I love your children and your grandchildren. Thank you for the good memories from when P.J. and I visited you in Northern California. Be in peace. Love in Christ, Sahuarita , AZ

  4. My dad left far too early in my opinion. He is missed and loved more than I think he thought could be possible. My dad left us with many memories, most of them great. These past few weeks have been filled with endless memories, many I had almost forgotten.
    I think one of my favorite was the summer before 7th grade. He wanted to go to George’s (the little market in town) and I just had to go with him. I always had to go though, I hated being left behind. So he took me with him, in the big Cadillac we had. We
    got to the stop sign by the school and ‘our’ song came on, My Girl. He put his arm behind me, patted me on the head, blew me a ‘circle kiss’ and sang a few words to me. That song used to hurt to listen to for a few years. I listened to it the other day and
    closed my eyes. For a little while I was back with him. Dad, save us all a spot up there. I’m glad you made it in, it was close to the wire but you did it. Love you. Roni Phillips, Phoenix, AZ

  5. Your dad was great with Katie and Mike. We had many great meals at your house and your dad always made us feel like we were part of the family. Beth, Sondra, Mike and Katie Oct 28, 2011 Champaign, IL

  6. Ron, was a great handyman and what I clearly remember, also a great Daddy to my nieces and nephew when they were little. I remember the love and affection he showed them…he took care of his family. I recently came up with the name after his passing,
    “circle kisses” which were sweet kisses I remember him giving to his babies. Ron became a buddy to my husband this last whole year when he did side work for us in our home. We appreciated the work he did. He was definitely a talented man. We enjoyed having
    him around. He was more then just our handyman, we would invite him over just to come over and he would come with one of his baked treats he made for us. We are very saddened by his loss. Ron WILL be missed our family friend.
    Ceres, CA

  7. My favorite memory of Ron was watching him cook a delicious meal for his family. We had the privilege of tasting his chicken cordon bleu with homemade hollandaise sause and it was amazing. He was also very talented in construction and home improvement–truly
    a man of many talents. Our love and prayers are being offered for the family. Wishing we could be there for the services. Sincerely, Cousin Izzy <3 Isabel Cirasole. Whittier, CA

  8. I remember when I was two and I was living with uncle Ron and he used to call me genius when he would pick me up an stuff…an genius jus kinda always stuck in my head….and, well, i still remember him say it….then he would come over and fix stuff in
    the house and he gave us new doors, and painted our walls an stuff…and now our walls are painted an he painted them….so thats pretty cool that his work is there….and he still has his workplace set up in our garage….which is cool to. Elijah Gomez. Ceres, CA

  9. Memories: Awesome cheesecakes, birthday cakes and BBQ Shish Kebobs (those were my faves!); a surprise road trip with the kids to Hershey’s factory; and Ron was the one to convert me out of vegetarianism! (Haha…he was concerned about my proteins.) I’ll
    always remember his mellow disposition and that he was an obviously proud father of three. He will be missed. Thank you Jesus for determining Ron to be a part of our journey here on Earth. Thank you for Your peace that surpasses human understanding and for
    the comfort You give to those who are grieving. Amen. Whittier, CA

  10. Ron, you were a good friend. Glad we had the time to hang out. I know you were a good guy, good dad. I had good times just drinking a beer with you, hearing the stories you shared about your childhood memories and job experiences. You made for a great
    Foreman on the Valley Springs job. It takes a lot of patience to do what you did. I was always impressed on how you knew so much about cars, construction, even baking and cooking. It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to know you for that one year. You
    will be missed. Ceres, CA

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