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Dale Slaybaugh May 5, 1953 - August 23, 2021


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  1. lou menton says

    My dad told me that when Dale was a kid, a bunch of the guys and kids were riding go carts. Grandma lived across the street and the adults went to grandmas. Pretty soon there was a knock at the door, Grandma answers the door and Dale says “Can Uncle Jim come out and play?”


    My name is Troy Slaybaugh Dale was my uncle. One day when I was Young I went to my grandmas and gramps house. Dale was out back in a shed, I said hi what are you doing he said hey you want to help…
    YA ya I said.. here hold on to this.
    He jumped in and started it oh God now I know never hold spark plug wire.. so he laughed ,hay u want go for a ride for helping me ? so I run to jump in No seats ? He said we will sit on milk crates ..so we take off down Taylor rd. this had a straight axel I had know Idea we hit the canal it bounced I know I was on the floor wow .. I was 7 or 8 years old and to this day ..a lesson learned.

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