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Devin Michael Lewis January 23, 1995 - January 25, 2020

Devin Michael Lewis

January 23, 1995 ~ January 25, 2020_x000D_
Devin lived life to the fullest.  His hobbies included dirt bike riding, jeeping, hunting and fishing; but most of all he loved being with his children.  He leaves behind his two children Bentley and Savannah Lewis; parents James and Christine Lewis; brother Dylan Lewis; grandparents Debie Austin, Becky Adams and Mark Lewis; great grandparents Mona Coughlin and Olatha Anderson; and numerous aunts and uncles and cousins.

Viewing will be held at Allen Mortuary on Friday, January 31, 2020 from 12:00-7:00p.m.  Funeral service will also be at Allen Mortuary on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 1:00p.m.

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  1. Destiny perez says

    I remember growing up and being picked on by Deandra an devin , we would be in the Delhi house playing hide and seek he would some how be on the wall every time i don’t know how he did it but every time I found u him he was on the Ceiling , I was basically a baby and I remember this!! I grew up knowing Devin , Dylan , James and Christine were my family (my white family) and I will never forget the memories I had with you!! Even seeing u around hilmar u would always be a little butthead to me trying to throw me in the trash can and let’s not forget anytime u seen me “look at that little Mexican” or something that’s just how u were. You were that crazy ass white boy!!! Forever missed!! You were like an older brother to me an I will never forget that!!

  2. Marissa Neves says

    I haven’t seen Bubba in years , but I remember playing with him , Dylan and Kayla every time I was at my grandmas in Delhi . I used to chase him and his older brother around trying to kiss and love on them and beg to go over and play with them until my grandpa would call me in . He was my earliest memory of liking a boy and my first kiss and ofcourse my first time playing in the mud. I’ll cherish those memories for life , wish I would have gotten the chance to see you again.

  3. Anonymous says

    I will never forget the time i told you I’d never gone egging. You drove me to the store we bought eggs and went egging (my first and only time) I will never get forget how hard we laughed when I missed the opened window and smashed the egg on the INSIDE of MY car. You made fun of me for so long after that lol. Some of my most fun memories are with you. Thank you for the adventures! –

  4. Joseph Medeiros says

    I love you man, so many memories from running the streets together or doing some crazy stuff and having to run and laugh like hell afterwards. You always had my back bro and wish you all the love in the world. I’ll miss you bro, see you one day

  5. Ashley Way says

    I’ll never forget all the things you’ve taught me, the countless laughs we had together and all the trips we have taken together. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to be loved for so many years and for being my best friend since the day I met you. We didn’t get along some days but at night you would tell me we can’t go to bed angry and now I’m so thankful for that.Most mornings I would just lay awake looking at you and Savannah because you both slept the same and you both snored every morning! We both love you and miss you so much. I promise to always tell her how much you love her.

  6. Anonymous says

    Devin your an awesome friend, glad I got to know you, you worked with my dad, you and some other friends would come out and hang out with us, you will be missed, R.I.P

  7. Brandi says

    At first I wasn’t to sure of you. I use to think you and shane would definitely end up in jail together for doing some crazy stunt. But after getting to know who you really were that changed everything. You were funny, kind hearted and very intelligent! We may never know what you were going through but what we do know is your no longer in pain. Rest in peace buddy. Your forever loved.

  8. Anonymous says

    Damm bro can’t believe it u were here now your gone can’t wrap my mind around it. I just talked to u. All the good times we had fishing an hanging out down at the river. I love u bro FLY High. You were a good freind u looked out for everyone. You will be greatly missed.

  9. Anonymous says

    I have had the chance to meet you and get to know you! You were caring, loving, And always there when someone needed a helping hand. A great father to 2 beautiful children.. You had so many great friends and family that cared and loved you more than you would ever know… May you rest in peace! Fly high.. You are now a Guardian angel.. Gone but NEVER forgotten!!

  10. Albert Ramirez says

    I remember when I was going threw the worst time in my life an you were their to pick me up an get my mind off things without you I would have been lost am so thankful to have a friend like you I’m going to miss the adventures we went on an all the drinking we did an endless bomb fire night rest easy devin

  11. Amber says

    Devin I still can’t believe this is real I’m truly going to miss you. I’m thankful for all the amazing memories I’ve been able to make with you. I’m going to miss you picking up me and cay on the weekends and going jeeping and venting to you. You were the best kind of friend anyone could ask for and you will be deeply missed. I’ll watch out for cay for you love you dev dog

  12. Gramma Patricia says

    Grampa Richard will be there to continue the tricks he enjoyed playing with you in life. May he be with the Angels protect and guide you on your journey. Much love and light to you on your journey.

  13. Gramma Patricia says

    Grampa Richard will be there to continue the tricks he enjoyed playing with you in life. May her and the Angels protect and guide you on your journey. Much love and light to you on your journey.

  14. Anonymous says

    I wish I knew you were suffering. We hadn’t talked in years but I will always cherish the memories of you being the life of the party. You are deeply missed by so many people. Rest In Peace my dude.

  15. Victoria Reed says

    Devin you were an amazing man and a great friend! You always made sure everyone was ok and you were always there for them. Thank you for always being there for me and for teaching me new things. You will be greatly missed buddy. Rest In Peace love you!

  16. Anonymous says

    We may not have talked in the last 4 years or so but you were always there for me whenever I needed you. I will always cherish the memories and the laughs we shared. I’m so thankful for you..

  17. DiDi High says

    Remember when we tried jumping out of the tree in your back yard with trash bags as parachutes? I dont think I’ll ever forget how crazy we were as kids. Thank you for keeping in touch with me throughout all of these years and making time for me when I came to town. Thanks for all the kind words and great memories. Thank you for being one of my oldest friends. You are so loved and will be missed so much.

  18. Ashley Wolf says

    Devin was a great friend and was always there when anyone needed them.he brought alot of people together. I could never thank him enough for the memories and all the talks we had. You will be missed Devin. Find the dirt roads in heaven.

  19. Michael Haynes says

    There was a lot of things devin taught me and helped me with. He was always there when i needed help. Wish i couldve been there for him.
    Love you devin
    Shred that bike in peace brother.

  20. Kimberly says

    Devin showed everyone that came in his life the meaning of friendship. He had the most contagious laugh and the brightest smile. Devin was someone I always looked up to because he could make friends with anyone he met. The summer I spent with Devin and all his friends was truly the best. He was always so uplifting about every situation, good or bad. I’ll always remember laughing with him. I feel very lucky to have been able to know him.

  21. Alisa Ables says

    I’ve loved his mama all my life. I loved him all his life.james and Christine gave all . I remember cling on him and Dillan while Mom and Dad was at work. John n I walked in to a bbgun n knife fight! I don’t understand why. He was just at my house holding my camillian. I wish I could have seen signs . I love you so much

  22. Joshua Wildman says

    Devin was one of the few people I could 100% trust to be there no matter what he’d either get me outta trouble or be in it with me I just wish Fire Department guy was there when he needed me I’ll miss you bro

  23. Macie Rollins says

    I wish we could hang out just one more time. You left such an impact on so many peoples lives. You were always there no matter what. I know you’re looking down on all of us and making fun of us for being so sad. I hope heaven has enough jack and backroads to keep you happy. The sunsets have been so pretty since you passed. I will always remember you Devin.

  24. Nisha Nelson says

    Dev. Thank you for all the laughs and giggles we shared over the years. You will always share a place in my heart. You were a great friend to know and to have and I’m so blessed we were friends. Rest easy Devin

  25. Rachael M says

    You used to be my best friend. The person I could tell anything to. No hesitation, no judgment, pure friendship at its finest. You were all forgiving and nothing was ever bad enough. We could always come back, like a safe haven. You were cherished by everyone that got the chance of knowing you. You created once in a life time memories, and lived the fullest life. And although we grew apart over the years your contagious smile will forever have a place in my heart. Rest In Peace Devin.

  26. Noelle says

    I didnt know Devin personally but when we chatted, he was always sincere and kind. Always had a smile on his face. Gonna miss it. Rest Easy Devin.

  27. Caley Boyle says

    Devin, you were my shoulder to cry on, my protector, my handyman, my mechanic (don’t worry I’ll change my oil), my best friend, my superhero, I can go on and on. Thank you for making some of the best memories of my life with me! I miss you and love you so much Devin. I will NEVER forget you ❤️

  28. Kirsten Gapuz says

    I only met Devin a few times but every time i saw him he always had a smile on his face. He always made sure i was having a good time no matter what we were doing or how bad of a mood i was in. Ready Easy Devin

  29. Marklee Page says

    Well dev we didn’t hang out much but we hung alot of iron together over the years together at modern steel Monday threw Friday.we had are ups n downs but at the end of the day we still had each other’s back as friends and brothers of the iron.my heart is broke that you are gone.my heart thoughts n prayers go out to all friends and family.untill we meet again dev love you brother.

  30. Bentley James says

    Hi daddy ,I just wanna say that I love you so so so much and that I mis you and that I’m sad your gone but you have angel wings now so I’m happy. I love you daddy till we ride dirt bikes again. Bentley James Lewis

  31. Jordan silva says

    My best memories are with you brother you will be missed.

  32. Eric Lewis says

    To my beloved Nephew, Your father and I will see you in the afterlife son. Just make sure you have a few cold ones on ice for us when we get there and I tell you some stories about some crazy shit your father and I did growing up. I love you Devin Lewis and you will be truly missed by everyone. Rest In Peace.

  33. Jordan Williams says

    Devin, I’ve known you for years and we became pretty good friends. You were always in such a good mood and brightened people’s day around you. I’ll always miss you man and I love you. Rest in power.

  34. Lindsey Barone says

    To my crazy nephew, I love you kid! You sure are gonna be missed. Make sure you look out for the rest of us, lord knows we all need it. I’ll miss watching all your videos of you out exploring (or should I say getting stuck) . Rest easy kid.

    Love, your Aunt LIndsey

  35. Ryan Hughes says

    Devin I owe a lot of who I am today to you. You always had my back and I’ll never forget all you’ve done for me. I love you brother.

  36. Shannon says

    I didn’t know you Devin. I lost my daughter on December 2nd 2016. I know you are in heaven with her. I’m praying for your family and friends to have peace. It’s never easy!!!

  37. Audrey Lopez says

    Devin was always so happy and fun. He always knew how to bring a smile to anyone’s face. No matter what happened he was always there and would cheer us up. He was an amazing friend father and brother. I love you so much Devin. You will always be remembered and never forgotten

  38. Crystal vest says

    Devin, even though we drove each other nuts you will always hold a place in my heart, and I will always cherish every memory I have with you. I love you and I’ll miss you always .

  39. Roy davis says

    Devin was a great friend, almost a brother to me, he will be greatly missed.

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