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Edward Robert Brault August 19, 1928 - May 16, 2019

Edward Robert Brault


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  1. tommy cabral says

    thanks to you, your family for sharing you mr brault for all those years at THS,,, too many fun, interesting things you opened my country brain to,,,

  2. Dixie Olsen says

    Thank you Mr Brault. Besides being a great teacher you were a wonderful human being. What a fine man.

  3. Dorinda Soiseth says

    Mr. Brault was one of my favorite teachers at THS. I took his French class for two years and still have fond memories of this time. Tu connu francais?

  4. Bruce Parker says

    How I wish I could tell Mr. Brault how much he enriched my life, I studied French with him all four years at THS and went on to study four more years after. He told me my accent was Parisian, and in four trips to France I’ve used what he taught me with pleasure and pride. This summer I am attending a class at the Sorbonne and I’m taking the class in French! I shared so many of his interests and still do. I didn’t know he was a Marine and I salute that service as well as everything he did for so many THS students over the years.

  5. George Nunes says

    Mr. Brault opened our eyes and ears to a world outside Turlock.

  6. Charnan Kenst says

    Loved Mr Brault. He introduced me to Piaf for which I am eternally grateful. Lovely person.

  7. Ron Hillberg says

    I will always remember that Ed also liked rock music and told us that Light My Fire by the Doors was the greatest piece of music ever written.

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