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Evadene Charlotte Stranske July 29, 1924 - September 16, 2020

Evadene Charlotte Stranske


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  1. Chuck and Muriel Davis says

    We wish to thank, however late it may be, for including us in the announcement of Evadine’s home going. None of us are going to get out of here alive but as I was accustomed to saying to students in colleges: Most non Christians live in a living world going to die, whereas believers live in a dying world to a world that is eternal with the resurrected Master of our lives. Evadine was loved by many and we were part of that many. My bride and I include our condolences to the family on her passing and our apology for being so late in answering. God’s blessing on you all. Love, Chuck and Muriel

  2. Diane Davis says

    Susan and Family,
    So sorry for your loss. What a fantastic life she lived for the Lord. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family. May the assurance of God’s faithful love embrace your heart.
    With love,
    Jerry and Diane Davis

  3. Allan & Carla Merrill says

    Dear Susan, Faith, Tim, Ray, Char and other Stranske family members,

    We are so sorry for your loss, here on earth, of your mother, grandmother, & great-grandmother! But now Evy is enjoying Heaven with Harvey, Darryl, Donny and many other loved ones in the presence of the Lord! Evy was such an amazing woman as she walked beside Harvey as pioneers on the African mission field to bring the Good News of Jesus to the unreached in Africa! You have such a rich heritage of faith in God as your foundation!

    Carla and I would have loved to be at Evy’s graveside service and get to see all of you who are there, but were in Arroyo Grande at Jordan & Kate’s home, taking care of our grandkids for a few days.

    We will certainly be praying for you all and remembering our Aunt Evy’s life, so well-lived!

    May you all experience God’s comfort during these days!

    Allan & Carla

  4. Larry and Patricia Magnusson says

    We loved your parents! They were both an inspiration and encouragement to us. Mr. Stranske was my (Patricia) missions teacher at WBI. Your mom showed us such love and hospitality! It was a privilege to have known them both. We named our oldest son after your brother Darryl; he was a wonderful young man with a beautiful testimony. He was very special to us. May your hearts be comforted by knowing that your dear parents are safe at home.

  5. Ray Stranske says

    My Mom was a humble person. She always claimed she was not the smart one in her family. She often felt that so many other people could do things better than she could. I think the thing that has brought more tears to my eyes this past week (and there have been many) is the memory of my Mom’s vulnerability.

    While she often considered that she was not good enough, she just went ahead and lived her life. She took huge amounts of her time with and for her family. When I was growing up in Sudan, she raised vegetables and canned hundreds of cans of food to save up for the dry season when growing food was hard. She tended cows, goats, and chickens to provide milk and eggs. She made bread from scratch after she ground the grain herself; she also made the butter and ground the peanut butter and made the jam to go on top. She drove the truck, while Harvey, her husband of 72 years, wrapped the cable around tree stumps to drag those stumps out of the ground, making space for the runway they built, so planes could land close to their house to help people in need. She made hundreds (or was it thousands) of pieces of clothing for her family and other families, sometimes out of discarded used clothing. She treated ugly, life threatening wounds and ulcers, and handed out medicine, doing the best she could with a medical book and advice she remembered hearing from others. She tended her own family’s health needs, sometimes in life & death situations and often when there was no medical help available, other than a diagnosis and remedy she might read in the medical book. She helped to translate languages, teach reading, and establish churches in rural Sudan. She wrote thousands of letters to her family, to her children while they were away at boarding school, and to friends and supporters who were thousands of miles away. She even wrote a book after going back to school so she could get a college degree at age 61. She did this partly, and in her own words, so she could learn to write the story of caring for her teenage son who died of cancer at age 15. She wrote that book, Don’t Call Me Poor, and it has encouraged untold numbers of people who have read it.

    I want to tell you about one of those readers. She is a woman that Marilyn and I have known since she was a teenager. Her name is Jeannie and she was Marilyn’s Jr Partner while Jeannie was struggling to make it through her teen years in a challenging family setting. Jeannie is now a grandma who has formally adopted her six young grandkids after her daughter, the mother of the six children, was unable to care for them due to a drug addiction. Jeannie has had to go back a generation and begin the task of mothering all over again. We gave Mom’s book to Jeannie, and this week she said in a Facebook message regarding Mom’s death: “I’m so sorry Ray. I have been reading the book she [my Mom] wrote! She really is a special lady and God fearing woman who raised her children so beautiful in the way that the Lord wanted. She’s in heaven!”

    Nothing would have made my Mom more joyful than to know that people would sincerely say of her, “She is a God fearing woman, who raised her children so beautiful in the way that the Lord wanted.” This is exactly what my Mom wished people would be able to say about her. I have no way to improve on Jeannie’s message about my Mom.

  6. Jon Moore says

    I remember when we would go to Turlock and visit.
    We would have a great time with Uncle Harvey, Aunt Evadene and all of our cousins.
    Got the first stitches in my eyebrow two times one time in Turlock.
    All the story’s. Was telling one of those story’s to the lady that was cutting my hair last Sunday.

  7. Connie Barrocas says

    I remember many joyful holidays spent with Uncle Harvey and Aunt Evadene when they lived in Pasadena for a time. We also used to gather at Grandma’s house (Harvey’s mom) for special dinners together too. I learned much as a young girl listening to their stories of Africa.

    They will remain in my memory as a wonderful example of those who follow Jesus wholeheartedly. I bet they are celebrating in heaven!!!

    Connie (Moore) Barrocas

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