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Stanley Eugene Faddis April 2, 1957 - July 17, 2019

Stanley Eugene Faddis

April 1957 ~ July 2019_x000D_
Stanley Eugene Faddis, 62 of Turlock, CA, went home to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on July 17, 2019. He passed peacefully surrounded by his loving family and friends. He was born to Harold and Dolores in 1957.

Stanley was a loving husband, father, grandfather, nephew and a devoted friend. He served Santa Clara County for 27 years as a Probation Officer and he took pride in doing so. He was very active at Ceres Christian Church where he found his fit on the prayer team. He took joy in calling, praying and encouraging other members of the congregation. He will always be remembered for his humor, love and passion for Jesus.

He is survived by his loving wife of 39 years Linda, his three daughters Heather Masamitsu, Holly Faddis and Meagan Faddis, and his seven grandchildren. He is preceded in death by his parents and son Daniel Faddis.

Celebration of Life will be at Ceres Christian Church, 3502 Roeding Rd., Ceres, CA on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 2:00pm.

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  1. Joel Daniken says

    Thank you Stan for being my friend and encourager, it was because of you that i attended San Jose Bible College, you took me under your wing at a cross bearer’s crusade and prayed for me which God used for me to decide to attend in 1976,then when i arrived in the fall of 1977 you were there to help me get settled, and i enjoyed you volunteering to coach our basketball team with Lee Roberts, and even after i left Bible College you kept in touch with me at key times in my life, i love you brother Stan forever.

  2. Graciela Marques-Hahn "Sheila" for SJBC says

    Thank you God!! You sure know how to pick them!
    Hold him tight!
    I am honored to live my life because of Jesus!!
    Until we see each other again: in the arms of Jesus!

  3. Karen Lambrechtsen says

    Stan – a heart of gold, a spirit and personality that embraced you unconditionally, an instrument of God’s peace. The gospel of Christ was preached through you, my friend, through every fiber of your being. Countless lives continue to be blessed by you. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Stan!

  4. Thomas Whiteman says

    From the moment I met Stan, I loved his comforting nature, his humor and his love for people. Through a series of circumstances I departed his company way too soon and “found” him, again, way too late. And yet it wasn’t too late. His warmth and acceptance of me at a critical juncture in my life and his helping me through times that followed, I can never forget. That’s how Stan was, though; He cared, no matter how far apart, no matter the time that had passed. I wish I had stayed closer and absorbed more of his resilience and character.
    Looking forward to rejoicing with you, in Glory, my friend!

  5. Tom Faddis says

    I will never forget taking you with me to see grandma Julie Faddis in Susanville, we had a great time Stan. You were about sixteen and I was twenty four, we laughed and joked all the way. You worked hard and raised a good family Stan. Remember Born Fighting Scots-Irish. Rest In Peace cousin, Tom.

  6. Randy Martinez says

    Stan, I am so glad that our lives crossed paths as counselors in Juvenile Hall. You always put a smile on my face. I have so many memories of you. Such as; playing butts up in B-1, at a fifties dance at the Cocoanut Grove you laid down on the floor and Mark Thompson rode you like a surfboard and the time we went to Promisekeepers at the Oakland Coliseum and we were melting in the hot sun and you blurted out ” I smell bacon burning ” You were and always will be one of a kind. I will miss you my friend, but I will never forget you. RIP

  7. Linda Lucas says

    Rest In Peace Stanley Faddis.

  8. Kim Heard (Skinner) says

    I am really happy we reconnected on Facebook, the phone calls and talk of our days growing up and me spending the night with Tina. Rest in peace my friend, I will miss you!

  9. Beverly Forbis says

    ofI remember the Bible studies the youth from the Ceres First of Christ had at our home Kristi, our daughter looked forward each week and what Stan would have to offer the group. My prayers are with all of you.

  10. Beverly Forbis says

    I will never forget the Bible studies at our home for the high school group of the Ceres Church of Christ and everything Stan added each and every week. Kristi, our daughter was very happy to be the hostess each week. My prayers are for all of you.

  11. Michael McCratic says

    Stan, I remember your great smile, love for God and others. Thanks for all the special trips, between classes, to Royal Taco. Great food and even better fellowship. Thanks also for all the fun we had doing skits together at SJBC. Thanks also for making sure I knew when the mud football games were happening…and making sure we were on the same team. Thanks also for checking on me periodically. Thanks for all the above and a whole lot more.

  12. Tamara mccorkle says

    Stan you r going to be greatly missed I remember when you would call to tell me you were praying for me my prayer request you were an awesome friend stan ty for being in my life

  13. Lilo Flores says

    Stan was a good friend, neighbor and classmate. You always had a smile & a good sense of humor.He was a good Christian man who cared for his family. You will be missed.

  14. Dave Brown says

    There was no one like Stan. He was a favorite speaker at our Winter Camps. He was the master of pranks, including convincing some of the parents of our kids that he was a hitchhiker that was going to go with us to camp. You can imagine the looks he received.

    Stan had a true heart for Jesus and it was conveyed to all he came into contact with.

    I know we are all different, but there was truly no one like Stan and his impact will live on in many of us forever.

    Peace and Blessings to you Linda and the rest of the family.

  15. Kevin Minor says

    I am saddened and gladdened by the news of Stan’s passing. Sad for us left behind but oh so ecstatic for Stan. I had the pleasure of knowing Stan through college. He must have been in his 6th or 7th year when I started. He was a legend. Everybody had a story or favorite memory of Stan. My first memory of Stan was at a college preview weekend at San Jose Bible College. He and a group of people did a comedy sketch based on the “Whiner” family from SNL. Hearing Mr Whiner sing Beulah Land had us laughing until we cried. Thanks for the memories and example of faith.
    One quote exemplifies Stan’s life to me:
    “Preach always and if necessary, use words.”

  16. Chris Coggins says

    I met the entire Faddis family during my time serving as Youth Pastor at Crossroads in San Jose. I found myself in your living room and at your dining table on more occasions than I can remember. In all of my years of serving youth, there are only 2 homes that I felt welcome to anytime, day or night… and yours was at the top of that list. I would literally pop in without notice and without a reason and Stan would always welcome me. We would talk or he would show me something new like youth videos, websites… he introduced me to craigslist. Stan and Linda have been like family to me since the day we met. I love you all and am thankful for your investment in my life and in my families. We miss you very much!!!

  17. Clarissa Ramsey-Ulrey says

    Stan was the man who made you laugh so hard you couldn’t breathe, while at the same time showing you such a heart for Jesus! I have such fond memories of him at Heavenly Hill Christian Camp in the 80’s – campfire high jinks – burping contests, and yes we did do devotions! My life is better because of knowing him! I look forward to saying thank you to him in heaven one day!
    God bless his family! May your memories comfort you and give you peace!

  18. Jim Jessup says

    I remember the joy in Stan’s face when he would watch the youth at Heavenly Hills Christian Camp as he would watch them accept Christ there, just as he had done years earlier. I remember Stan dropping water balloons on car windshields as friends would pull into the apartment complex that he and Linda managed near San Jose Bible College. I remember the smile and the warm greeting I received everytime I would preach at Ceres Christian and Stan would be in the lobby greeting all who came in. Stan will probably be posted at the gates of heaven so he can say, “Hey!” to all who enter. I look forward to seeing him again.

  19. Robbie Corder says

    Stan Faddis could make you laugh and smile in an instant. He was as likable, honest and friendly a human as I’ve known. He will always be remembered by me as having the biggest heart and the having a laser-sharp memory of all our childhood friends, names, accomplices and their hilarious exploits. Thank you for calling and contacting me, out of the blue, just to reminisce of our shared childhood. Rest In peace, friend.

  20. Don Ferguson says

    The most important thing I learned from Stan is that doubt grows less as faith grows more…and that takes time and trust…thanks for the encouragement so many years ago brother. I look forward to seeing you real soon!

  21. Darren Briggs says

    Stan you were a best friend to me. I will miss your calls and the times we were fortunate to get together. You were a kind man and so generous. I love you Stan!

  22. Lynnette Henson says

    Stan loved us all with his warmth and kindness, you knew he loved because he so easily said so. Stan was my friend since we were children, he came on camping trips with my family, church, youth group, church camp, etc, he was a fixture in our lives. Sweet, funny, and most of all kind in the most magnificent way, he knew what true, loyal, lasting friendship was. I am eternally grateful for you Stan, I miss you already friend. RIP

  23. David Talbot says

    The joy of friendship,brotherhood, companionship, filled with laughter, sharing,crying, admonishment, encouragement and sacrifice makes losing a beloved friend almost insurmountable.But for those who believe, there is incredible joy knowing our Brother is where he has longed to be, In the Presence of Our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,STANLEY, OUR BELOVED, IS HOME! I LOVE YOU STAN…

  24. Susan Renfro says

    I remember the day I first met Stan. He was sitting on a bench near the parking lot of SJBC. We determined that we were related (cousins’ cousin of some kind). A year and a half later he married my best best friend. Over the past 40 years we’ve shared marriages, births, deaths, vacations, tears and laughter….lots and lots of laughter. My strongest memory of Stan is him driving the houseboat on Shasta Lake singing along with a Randy Travis worship CD. He loved the Lord, he loved his family, he loved his friends.. and he loved houseboating on Shasta. He was passionate, strong, kind, generous, loving, and so so funny. Our lives are richer because of him.

  25. Shirley Cantu says

    Stan was a life long Christian and practiced his faith. It was also his faith that allowed him to face the tragic losses in his life and leave this mortal one.. Larger than life Stan was to always be reckoned with his presence, smile, positive attitude and those perennial jokes. Hope heaven is prepared. Although Stan retired as a successful Deputy Probation Officer it is his years as a Juvenile Hall Counselor that endears him to me and many others. He was part of the JH Family which did not judge members on position or outward presentation. Some years ago, Bret Fidler, facilitated a phone conversation between Stan and me- it was delightful and filled with understanding and humor.
    He was a treasured and respected member of what we refer to as The Juvenile Hall Family. Shirley Cantu: JH Superintendent Proud and Retired

  26. Jonni Haney says

    What a guy a friend he had determination like no other, what God had put on his plate to handle thru out his life he handle it with such dignity and grace.
    He handled it all only because his faith in God and was a testimony threw out his life to all of us.
    Stan and I went back to 3rd grade at Whitmore school and kept in contact threw out our lives after high school, will never forget you my friend the guy that the best times were when all of us his school buddies could get together, I love you my friend and you made your mark and now rest in peace Be happy and take that hike that you always told me you wanted to take

  27. Ruth Smith says

    In remembrance of “Stan the Man” or Stanley, I am less nervous about leaving friends and family here on earth. Meeting our Lord up in heaven will be fantastic! I hope you’ll be right there at the entrance Stanley’ so if Lord permitting, bring you a turkey sandwich at least from when I should’ve been up there cooking for you last November!.You were so blessed to have your angelic wife Linda and family by your side for these past 39 years. It will be a glrious day when all of you will see each other again.I will forever keep the Faddis family in my thoughts and prayers. In our Christian life, knowing and loving Stan has been one of our cobblestone steps that we get to walk on through our own journeys of life. We will never forget Stan and all that Christ has done through him for all of us!! Yahoo Stanley for finishing your race and meeting your Master and Creator! “Good work thou good and faithful servant” Love you

  28. Delores Shelton says

    I met Stan through my husband, Don, who worked at Heavenly Hills Christian Camp with him. He is one memorable guy. Those who know him well remember his sense of humor. When our kids were younger, we decided to return to SJBC for the Annual Conference. Stan & Linda were in the apartments then & graciously let us ‘bunk’ with them. It was great! I remember the Mario Bros. I did not play well! Also, while we were in Cottage Grove, Oregon, Stan was in the state & took the time to come visit us. I am certain he has left an unforgettable mark on the world because of his love for Jesus and people.

  29. Leanna Hagen says

    Oh, our dear brother Stan! I first met you as a high schooler at Wu-Ne-Ma Christian Camp – you taught us the F.O.T.S.A.D. Song! To this day I can name all of the (F)ruits (O)f (T)he (S)pirit because of your creative mind! Worship was always a top priority to you – I have no doubt you are worshiping in perfection where you are now, with Jesus our Lord! I do so miss your welcoming smile, and I look forward to being greeted by you again one day!

  30. Patti Robinson says

    Stan, I am sure that as the Angels came to usher you into heaven, you ran past them to reach Jesus first. As you arrived, I am sure you were warmly greeted by those who went on before you.
    The mark you left in this world is profound. With each call that you made to let people know that that were being prayed for, the smile in your voice brought them peace. I know, because I was the receiver of many of those calls. You are now fishing in heaven- And enjoying your new body in heaven. While you are missed here, we know that you are at your best now and we will see you again.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Linda, Heather, Holly, Meagan and the grandkids & family & friends. Save a place for us our dear friend. ☝

  31. Don Shelton says

    I will always remember and cherish the time I spent with Stan at Heavenly Hills Christian Camp and leading the by campers on a “watermelon stealing” operation one night. It was all set up with the camp manager. Those were great times and Stan was a great friend who knew how to enjoy life. Hadn’t seen him for many years but held fond memories of he and Linda.

  32. Willamina Christian Church says

    I will always remember and cherish the time I spent with Stan at Heavenly Hills Christian Camp and leading the by campers on a “watermelon stealing” operation one night. It was all set up with the camp manager. Those were great times and Stan was a great friend who knew how to enjoy life. Hadn’t seen him for many years but held fond memories of he and Linda.

  33. Teri S says

    I remember your courtship! I’ll always remember his humor. It’s a bit hard to believe he’s gone. I look forward to sharing a laugh with him in heaven. His words will live on through his book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Love to you Linda. You were a superb wife. Stan was a lucky man!

  34. Mary McEwen Foss says

    Stan your joy was contagious! Your love for Jesus and for people were boundless! I rejoice in knowing that you crossed the finish line and have made it home. I’m sure you’ve already made Jesus laugh.

  35. Dennis McGuire says

    My good friend and brother in Christ. I truly believe he had no idea how much people loved and appreciated him. I will miss him greatly. You could not find a better friend on earth. I love Stan Faddis.

  36. William K Dobos says

    Thank you, Stan, thank you, from so many of us. We thank God for you. My God help me honor you with the way I live my life. We will see you before too long.

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