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Zachary “Zac” Alan Coulter April 21, 1993 - September 13, 2019

April 21, 1993 – September 13, 2019

Zac was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico on April 21, 1993. He was adopted by Karen Welch and Walter Coulter as a newborn. From the beginning, Zac’s smile would light up every room. As a young man, his zest for life was immeasurable and his love for others ran deep and true. Zac’s family was not one of blood, but one of choice. His parents chose to adopt him as their only child. Numerous friends chose him to be their “brother” or their “best” friend and confidant. Zac’s ability to give unconditional love, loyalty, trust, and friendship to so many during his short lifetime is astonishing and admirable.  His wide-dimpled smile, jokes (though sometimes not really very funny) and his happy-go-lucky enthusiasm for life will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to know him as the “charmer,” “goofball,” and “entertainer” he was born to be.  Zac was loved faithfully and unconditionally by numerous friends who will forever hold him dear in their hearts and memories.

Zac is survived by his loving mother Karen Welch; his father Walter Coulter; his beloved girlfriend Hannah; his maternal grandmother Nancy Baker; his maternal step-grandmother Sally Welch; his adorable puppy, Chex; and numerous family members and heartbroken friends.

A celebration of Zac’s life will be held at the Oakdale Rodeo Grounds on Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Remembrance donations can be sent to Beyer FFA Club Attention: Susan Atnip, 1717 Sylvan Ave., Modesto, CA 95355. Please make checks payable to: Beyer FFA Club in memory of Zachary Coulter.



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  1. Stacey Haley says

    I just found out this happened today and I’ve had tears in my eyes ever since. I am completely shocked and saddened by this. I went to middle school with Zac he was always happy and full of life, I never saw him in a bad mood. When I was in a bad mood he would always cheer me up. He was loved by everybody I still can’t beleieve this. R.I.P. zac you were an amazing friend

  2. Jonette says

    I can not believe it i am at a loss for words right now prayers for zac coulters family he was killed in a car accident my daughters gd friend too bad zac u never got a chance after my daughter breaking ur heart to go out with her u will be forever in our hearts u was an awesome person gone too soon r.i.p. zac coulter we love u i will never forget melindas grad party u guys had a blast and all the bowling memories we have… Maybe u will get a chance on the other side with her forever in our hearts and minds….

  3. Elaine Victoria Robbiano says

    So sorry you’re gone, you were so loved, full of life and laughter,you,Paul, Dan, Angela, Brad Derek, your Mom and I had such great times together, all the football games and at the house,what great fun. Miss your jokes and fun loving spirit.You’ll be forever missed. Love you Zac

  4. Amy Huss says

    You had a great heart and integrity. Jasmine loved you like a brother and loved that you called her “sister”. You will be forever missed. Thank you for the impact you made on both mine and my daughter’s life.

  5. Steven Wildman says

    I just have to tell a story about zac. I was security at Pine Mountain Lake I met him as “Taco” but he was in a little trouble with the air soft guns. I lied on my report not to get him in trouble. I thought it was somthing i might do as a kid. I am still in contact With one of his friend’s. SO SORRY !

  6. Kayla Barnes says

    Zac, thank you for being a part of my life. I am beyond thankful that I got to see you not even a couple months ago. I will cherish our memories together. I can’t help but smile when I think about you and Emma running around for hours. You had so much energy, I only wish I could have an ounce of the zest you had for life. You are so terribly missed by everyone who knows you and my heart aches knowing that you are gone. I look forward to the day we cross paths in heaven. The Lord has you now and I know you are at peace <3

  7. Gino R says

    Zac I know I only knew you for a short amount of time but in that short period of time we became brothers. We talked a lot about life after school and setting goals we both wanted to achieve, and I promise no matter what to complete and finish everything we wanted for the both of us. You were my brother and you will be truly missed and never forgotten. I’ll always have love for you my brother and I hope your happy and at peace and dancing away in heaven. Rest peacefully, I’ll see you someday again brother!

  8. JWillie says

    I know I only knew you for four weeks but you made a huge impact on my life, you will be missed. I will wear my cargo pants proudly for you!

  9. Brian Scott (Red cloud) Grijalva. Chauillla natives says

    Zac the first time we met wasn’t in the best of places but I knew right then you were the only one in the whole population of 175 men and women that was just like me. Different Exspression and display of love and respect shown just by a shake of a hand , that made me feel like you held me with no intention of anything other than a Native brotherhood and recollection of instant comfort of not being alone. From minutes to months, only separated by a row of bunk beds and strangers I knew you’d be there… I’m glad I got locked up with your crazy ass zac. Ha ha ha then we both got out met up and went out on the town ….I turn my head for one second and your already into some bullshit with at least half the bar !! Ha ha. Zac was yelling my name and when I hit the corner my lil brother zac was stomping outside the water hole claiming he got whooped by a few gentlemen at the same time…. I didn’t see any reason he was gonna lie to me so I peeked me head into the door he was dancing around and sure enough there they were looking right at his drunk fat lip revenge thirsty Loud ass. I ducked he lured them right in to the back door frame and as they ran out thinking he was alone and Nobody I let em know how it feels to be disrespected and underestimated. Lol (blindside) next thing I knew I’m trying to get zac tonstop laughing and realize that theirs two Sonora Pd right behind us ! I think the only reason we didn’t go back to jail is because the knew what had happened on such a uneven situation and were showing up when the ripples started to pulse back in zacs and my favor. Four on one then five on two!!! Moscow mules … AMFs … a six pack of corona… and I don’t know how many of that peppermint schnapps crap he made me take wit him. Great night I’ll never forget. young spirit of a beast at the hands of a blindman. Gentle loving humble kind and generous with a personality of a man that’s lived it all. I won’t forget you my friend. Grandfather look after my brother zac and take him and teach him to be one with the creator … walk with the wind and dance with the brothers. Keep him there till we meet again.

  10. Steph and Bob Mosley says

    Oh Zac
    How we are going to miss you. You could always make us smile with your dancing, jokes and laughter.
    Kyle and Steven couldn’t have had a better friend/brother than you. We will think of you always.
    Love and Peace
    Mamma Bear Steph and Bob

  11. Mama bear says

    Love you to the moon and back kid. You know there will always be a spot for you in my heart. You were a part of this family and we will miss you so much. There’s a light in all of us that you left behind and it will shine until we see each other again. Rest easy BUUUUDDD!! I know you’re telling my brother how much I miss him too!!! ❤️❤️

  12. Nancy Silvas says

    My Heart Is Broken from the loss of such a Loved Young Man.. I’m thankful that I even got to see your smiling face in this life.. Rest In Paradise My Friend

  13. Riah S. says

    Oh zacccyyy
    You were just here
    You were just with us
    Last weekend
    You were just making me laugh and cry at the same time.
    You were always there whenever I needed you no matter what time of the day or night it was.
    As it was vise versa
    Anytime you called I would answer save you if I could.
    You were always the life of the party till you couldn’t party no more. Old town road will forever be your song and every time I see minions I will be thinking of you. I won’t forget how much of an amazing brother you have been to me in this last year we’ve known eachother since high school but this year you became my family. Rest in paradise bud until we meet again ❤️

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