We encourage you to determine if your loved one has left any instructions about funeral arrangements he/she may have already made, purchased or prepaid.

If time allows, please bring to your appointment any information you may have regarding prepaid or purchased services, such as insurance policies, certificates, etc.

For your convenience, Allen Mortuary will notify these companies of the death, gather the needed forms, and assist in the preparation of these forms. We will process your assignable insurance policies (“assignable” means the insurance company will pay the funeral charges directly to the funeral home out of the insurance proceeds).

Veteran’s Benefits

If your loved one is a veteran, you are entitled to burial at a national cemetery and/or a cemetery marker free of charge. If your loved one is receiving a disability pension or dies in a V.A. hospital, you may further qualify for limited reimbursement of certain funeral costs. Please ask your arrangement counselor for more details.

Social Security Information

If your loved one was a veteran, please bring his/her discharge papers (such as form #DD214) to your appointment.

Your arrangement counselor will submit an SSA-721 Statement of Death to Social Security, but they also require the family to contact them. A phone call will usually be sufficient, but in certain circumstances they may require an in-person appointment at the local Social Security office of the decedent’s residence. They will inform you of that requirement when you call. They usually do not require a certified copy of the death certificate.

There is a nominal one time benefit for a qualified surviving spouse or dependent child only. Ask your arrangement counselor for the current benefit amount.

Download ‘Financial Considerations’ PDF