Getting the word out about your loved one’s passing is often one of the most difficult tasks. Therefore, we encourage you to make a list of those people that need to be contacted, including family, close friends, employer or business colleagues.

Next, we encourage you to ask a family member or close friend to make these phone calls and/or send these e-mail messages for you. You have so much to accomplish after the death occurs and family members and friends are eager to help. Notification calls are a task that can be easily delegated to someone who really wants to help you.

As soon as the date, time and place of the service have been set, it will be posted (with your permission) in our Obituaries section at  There is a complimentary guestbook where you can write a message to the family.  These messages will remain indefinitely on our website.  Should someone desire to send flowers or a plant, they can place an order online at our Shop.

Download ‘Notify Family’ PDF