There are many different ways to celebrate the life of your loved one — most common is a funeral. The funeral service is a way to bring caring people together — to lend support and to help each other through this difficult time. Nothing can fill the emptiness when a loved one is gone, but the healing begins sooner with the support of family and friends.

To assist you and your family in the planning process, Allen Mortuary has prepared an arrangements discussion guide, offering many of the options available to your family.

We encourage you to talk through these discussion topics in advance of meeting with your arrangement counselor at Allen Mortuary. In addition, we encourage you to list any questions you may have for the arrangement counselor at your upcoming appointment.

You also have the option of getting started on-line if you wish. Click the link below to get to our On-Line arrangement center. Here you may fill in as much or as little information you would like sent to our arrangement counselors.

Click Here To Get Started On-Line

Download ‘The Arrangements’ PDF