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Alton Phillips Jr. October 25, 1952 - September 7, 2023

Alton Phillips was a complicated man with passions and thoughts that cannot be described by the mere words etched onto this paper.  He was born to Alton and Maxine on October 25th 1952, in the foggy hills and winding streets of San Francisco by the Bay, thus marking him a Junior and the keeper of the family name.

His days as a youth were filled with the halcyon antics of all young men and he was willing to pay the price to follow a different road than the one prescribed to him by dint of family and fate.  With those experiences and adventures behind him he moved onto love which he found with a beautiful young lady by the name of Laura Yee.  Their romance was not to last, but the fruits of their union resulted in Alton’s pride and joy, Regina and Bryan Phillips, who carry on his legacy today.  Michael Phillips and Richard Phillips, his brothers in life and in arms, can recall the days of his children growing and thus all their lives were manifested in this mortal plane with his children and theirs.

His joys in life might be described as simple, but often the simple things are the best in the short stint we receive on the shores of life.  Alton had a particular passion for cooking and like to brag that he could have been a top chef if he could only stand the grind.  He excelled in painting though he rarely produced, and we may all be bereft for it.  He was cantankerous and opinionated much like the hot sauces that he loved so much.  And when he was feeling particularly fancy, he enjoyed a nice snifter of the pope’s favored drink, cognac.

He will be missed by those who knew him, maybe not today, but in the times when feelings mellow and fond thoughts find their way into our journey through life and the ever-accelerating universe.  To this we give memory and honor and may all his days in the next stage of life be merry and peaceful.  And thus, we raise our glasses one more time for the unique soul that made this journey with us in these perilous times and one more mold of God is broken, and we are all less for it.  God grant you speed Alton and may we all see you in the next life.

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