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Barbara Marie Boone December 4, 1935 - April 9, 2022

December 1935 ~ April 2022

Barbara made the world a beautiful and wonderful place. She was born to Alesandro and Vincenza Riccardi on December 3rd, 1935. She came into this world in a quite dramatic way. The story of her birth was told many times by her mother.  Every time we all listened with amazement and took a sigh of relief when the story ended happily. The story goes, that Vincie was in labor, and she keep telling her mom it was time go to the hospital. Her mom said it was much too early and to wait. When they finally made their way to the hospital, Vincie was in the throes of labor. Her mom parked the car and led her up a tall staircase of the door of the hospital. Well, Wrong Door. The doors were locked and the pounding on the door did not get the attention of help. Vincie was left at the top of the stairs to await help. Barbara was not going to wait. Vincie gathered all her strength and delivered Barbara unassisted on those hospital stairs. I have always felt that that story also depicts the strength of the women in our family.

Barbara was an incredible woman of strength and endurance. She showed her love through her flowers. The arrangements she created for so many weddings were always spectacular, as she put so much love and pride into every details. Barbara hosted wonderful holiday parties that featured wonderful spreads of food and drink, amongst the beautiful holiday dcor in her home. Her favorite holiday was Easter. In the springtime her backyard garden was a glorious sight. She had so many varieties of plants, roses, flowering shrubs, and her prized orchids, all in bloom just in time for the Easter Bunny. She would line up her many grandchildren in the front yard, all dressed in their Sunday best, and parade them into her backyard for a colorful generous Easter egg hunt. Easter egg hunts were always filled with fun and magic. Every detail was so thoughtful, the eyes of adults and children alike lit up with joy. Barbara lived for the moments when her family was the happiest, and she could see everyone smiling and genuinely enjoying themselves.

Barbara married at the youthful age of 19 and became a mother at 20. She raised her three children as a single parent, as she continued to work outside the home. She also was the owner and operator of three flower shops. Her businesses were successful, and she put as much love and passion into her floral arrangements. After many years of running the flower shops, she sold her businesses and went to work as meat wrapper, where she dedicated 20 years to Safeway’s stores. After her retirement she was able to travel with her family and friends. She enjoyed, trips to Florida, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Reno, and for her 80th birthday Disneyland. Barbara loved to play Bingo, card games, and slot machines. Her favorite card game was spite and malice. She continued the tradition of teaching her grandchildren how to play.

Her last years were spent sharing a home with her daughter and family. Barbara died peacefully at home, in the early morning hours of April 9, 2022, warm in her bed, surrounded with love and presence of her family. She will be thought of always and forever missed.

Barbara’s children are Joseph Walter Biernacki, Michael Alexander Biernacki, and Valerie Lynn Biernacki Moreno; grandchildren Joanne Biernacki, Michelle Waters, Michael Biernacki Jr., Joey Biernacki, Kristie Winchester, Cherie Arceneaux, Catina Allinson, Daniel Moreno, and Rosie Sanchez; great grandchildren Ruby Biernacki, Alayna Linda Jones, Allen Jones III, Eden Rose Winchester, Rhett Allinson, Ash Arceneaux, Charlie Joe Waters and Callie Rose Waters, and Meredith Grace Biernacki; daughters-in-law Suzanne Biernacki and Laurel Biernacki; and son-in-law Danny Moreno. Barbara’s siblings included Donald Riccardi, Sandra Lousie Craven, and Karen Anne Riccardi-Tejada. She had many nieces and nephews, cousins, and extended family which she loved and thought of always.

 Barbara was preceded in death by her parents, brother Donald, sister Karen, son Joe, grandson Mikey, and many other family members who we are sure have welcomed Barbara into heaven.

Services will be held on April 30th, 2022, at 1 PM at Allen Mortuary, 247 N. Broadway, Turlock CA. Please join us for lunch at Valerie and Danny’s Home following the service at 2610 Morning Star Court, Turlock CA. 209-9881056

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  1. Margaret Ferguson says

    Dear Valerie,
    Thank you for the invitation. But riding with Sandie and Veronica would mean I would need to stay overnight and I think that would be too exhausting for me. If you are planning any Zoom activity at your memorial reception, please ask Veronica or whoever is managing that to send me an invitation. Would love to be included in Zoom. Thanks again for the invitation, you are a sweet and caring daughter.

  2. Margaret Jeanne Ferguson says

    I am a longtime friend of Barbara’s sister Sandra Riccardi Craven. And school friend of Karen Riccardi -Tejada. Karen and I attended Castro Valley High together. Sandra and I worked together at San Lorenzo School District together. Sandra was my first boss in the library. Sandie was very kind to me and taught me many skills on the job. We became life long friends. I met Barbara and was very impressed with her as a mother, daughter and sister, and a kind and very wise head of a large family. She carried on the artistic abilities of the Riccardi family, and expressed her talents raising award winning orchids , lovely artistic flower arrangements, and giving the best most fun parties in the backyard of her home. She was a skilled and thoughtful and gracious hostess. She loved her family very much, loved people, had a wonderful sense of humor, and a hardy and joyous laugh. She nursed and took excellent care of both her parents in her home for their entire lives. While working outside the home, and carrying on her own life and being steady and loving big sister to all. Her presence with us will be greatly missed.

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