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Edward Hyrus Poulson July 31, 1934 - November 26, 2022

Date of Service

December 12, 2022

Edward Hyrus Poulson was born on July 31, 1934 in Bakersfield CA to Ella Mary
Poulson and Edward H. Poulson.

A large portion of Eddie’s early years were spent living with his grandparents Bill
and Elizabeth Chappelle. He was raised on a cattle ranch where he learned the
cowboy life. Riding, roping, branding and cowboy camp were as natural to him as
breathing. His horse, Gaston, was often his accomplice in some of his antics
growing up, such as finding their neighbor using the outhouse and roping it,
trapping Old Man Mushrush inside, and rolling the outhouse down the hill.
Another time Gaston was implicated in his shenanigans was during school. Ed and
his friends rode their horses to grammar school. When the bell rang at the end of
recess signaling it was time to go back to class, they roped the teacher and tied
him to a tree so their baseball game could be finished. Ed didn’t face
consequences since his grandfather, Bill Chappelle, was on the school board.

A significant moment in his early childhood occurred on his birthday in 1937. The
woman destined to be his wife and lifelong partner was born, Polly Anna Austin.
According to Family Lore her dad, Kermit Austin, came to his party to tell him that
he had a gift for him. Polly was his third birthday present. Their lives would be
intertwined throughout childhood.

Ed graduated from Bakersfield High School and worked for the railroad.

He married Polly Anna on June 29″, 1955. They settled in Northridge, CA where
Edward worked on a ranch for race horses. In 1957 their lives were enriched with
the birth of their son Edward Matthew. Life was good. In 1961 they welcomed the
birth of their daughter Lorenda Ann.

In 1963 Ed moved his family to Ballico, CA. He was once again in his most loved
environment, cattle ranching. Life on the ranch was long days and hard work
interspersed with fun. Following Matt’s lead he began riding dirt bikes. This
combined well with the love of camping, fishing and boating.

1979 brought a new adventure as he went into the welding business in Modesto,
CA. He and Polly bought a welding shop and forged a new life. They began
attending church and this brought a whole new dimension to his life. He answered
he call to serve his Lord and Savior, Jesus. He helped launch new
churches, went on missions trips to Mexico and lndian reservations. He drove the
bus Sunday mornings and was always first to help in church projects.

At work his business introduced him to new people. The local farmers had their
own coffee cup in the office and would stop in to “shoot the breeze” while having
their equipment repaired or new machinery built. During this time his family grew
with grandchildren Melissa Gomes-Geyer, Scott Poulson and Joshua Gomes.

Polly had one item on her bucket list, to see the Ozarks. 1993 saw that dream
fulfilled. Not only did they visit the Ozarks, they bought a house and property to
start a new welding shop in Thayer, MO. They came home, sold everything and
moved to Missouri. Another successful business venture. Ministry continued as
they found a home church and worked to share the Love of God with their
community. With the passage of time came the siren call to return home and
spend time with their family.

In 2004 they returned to California. They made Auberry, CA their home and Ed
once again found his way to two of his life’s passions; horses and ministry. He joined
the Glory Riders in 2004 and rode with them until 2012. Traveling to rodeos and
other events the team performed and shared the gospel with cowboys and
audiences, changing lives. Once again the family was growing with the birth of
great grandchildren. Tucker Poulson, Charley Geyer, Matt Poulson and Benjamin
Gomes were added to his family.

Eddie lived a long and good life. He was preceded in death by his son Matt and
daughter in law lva, great grandson Charley and beloved wife of 65 years, Polly.

On November 26, 2022 he was ready to be home, his real home, and be reunited
with his family members. He will be missed but the rich memories we have will
live forever.

In lieu of flowers Ed’s request was for donations to be made to his local church:
Turlock Believers Church
2851 Geer Rd, Suite G
Turlock, CA 95382

A memorial service will be held on Monday, December 12, 2022 at 1:00 pm

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