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Ellie Kenefick Crean May 4, 1947 - January 11, 2018

Ellie Kenefick Crean

May 1947 ~ Jan. 2018_x000D_
Ellie was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Vincent and Eleanor Kenefick and passed away at the age of 70 after an extended illness. She was raised mostly in Long Island, New York where she went to school.  After high school she completed her Bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York.  In 1969, Ellie moved to San Francisco and worked in various hospitals in the California area over her 37 year career as a nurse.

On May 20, 1984 she married Harold Crean on top of Mount Diablo and together they shared 34 years of marriage. Ellie was a Roman Catholic.  She lived in Oakdale, CA and during that time was very involved in her community.  She served on the Parks and Recreation Commission and she and her husband owned Take A Look Books in Oakdale.

Her hobbies included water color painting, taking her boat out on the water and travelling all over the world including Bora Bora, Jamaica, France, Germany and her favorite country Italy. She loved the ocean and lighthouses; and enjoyed visiting Miramar Beach.  Ellie treasured time spent with her family and especially her grandchildren.

Ellie is survived by her husband Harold Crean Jr.; children Adam Purinton, Jesse Crean, Amy (Joseph) Freeman and Katie (Sam) Crean-Tate; grandchildren Madelyn Freeman, Addison Freeman and soon to be baby Tate; siblings Judy (Tom) Wasiak, Bill (Linda) Kenefick, Rick Kenefick and Dave Kenefick. She was preceded in death by her parents.

Viewing will be held at Allen Mortuary on Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 5:00-7:00p.m. Funeral service will be at Allen Mortuary on Friday, January 19, 2018 at 1:00p.m.  Please share your memories on this website

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  1. Pat Smith says

    Ellie came into my life this past summer and although I didn’t know her long, she made a big impact on my life and her death leaves a void. It was a privilege getting to know her. I will miss our weekly visits and bringing Communion to her. She always greeted me with a beautiful smile and her sparkling blue eyes, no matter how bad she was feeling. My sincere condolences to you, Harrold, and your family. Thank you for giving Ellie the opportunity to live out her faith during this difficult time. She never failed to show me how grateful she was to be able to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist.

  2. dave149t says

    MY “Little Sister ” Ellie is my older sister by 4 years. But I called her my little Sister because of her small size. She got it from our Mother who was only 4’11”. Ellie was about 5’3″(being generous). I AM grateful that I could always make her laugh. Kenefick Humor. My 1st Memories of Us was in the Queens apt. We lived in. Jumping on bunk beds with me and Rick and the top claps. Busy Jericho Turnpike when it flooded and we went out with water up to Our hips. I was 5 and She was 9, when we were crossing this major Highway and I dropped my Kindergarten pictures all over. Well, big sister to the rescue, she ran around picked all. Our Parents would of had to pay for, if she had not. Another sweet memory was when we lived in Bellmore. I was 7 and her 11. I got a sled for Christmas and it actually Snowed. I asked her if she wanted me to take her for a ride. L.I. is very flat, but it was Dark, she bundled up an I took her to the 1 little hill near our home. We Both remembered this fondly thru out our life.
    I remember the pool we had in the back yard and us Ellie,me and others playing in it to roughly and the top claps came off and boom 3ft of water drains in 30 seconds. I don’t remember what happened, but I am sure our Dad wasn’t happy. As a kid Ellie was ACCIDENT prone. She fell of swings and broke her arm, fell out of the Apple Tree and Broke her leg. Ellie was very smart, school came way easier for her that me. And she used that brain on Her little Forrest Gump brother,me. Ellie had a dog named Dondy. I wanted to own part, so she said if I did her chores, I would get a small % each time. Well to this day I still automatically empty the dishwasher after it’s done. My girlfriend has benefited from this for years and I never did own much of that dog. It’s Ellie I have to THANK for getting me to SF. She was living there pregnant with Adam. I had a Hippie Van,and drove across the country. And it was ELLIES Apt. I ended up at. I knew Adam and Amy before they were born. And it was ELLIES Apt I dragged her down a steep hill to see Playland at the Beach in SF. She was about 7 months pregnant with Adam. What I will ALWAYS hear IS Her Great Laugh, and the many times we laughed together. I love you Sister Ellie and Hope from our Catholic faith that we are all united on the other side. Oh, and when I used to call where you lived Hooterville, and make you mad, well the jokes on me because Hooterville is big, compared to where I live in Hawaii now. Loved our time together when you, Harold, Bill and Linda Came Here and I got to be your Tour Guide for two days. God Bless You Ellie, Harold, Amy, Katie and all your beloved family. I will see you in Heaven God willing.

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