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Maurice Austin Down March 19, 1920 - December 23, 2019

Maurice Austin Down

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Maurice Down wanted to be of service to others””his church, boy scouts, but most of all to his family. And his favorite way of doing that was keeping busy building things or being outdoors. He would have been one hundred years old in March.

Maurice was born and had a happy childhood in Sewell, Chile, a mining town where his father was the superintendent of the milling production.  He came to the US when he was seventeen to go to Pasadena College, and later graduated from UC Berkeley.  He met his future wife Ruth Carlson there.  As a dual Chilean/British citizenship he became an officer in the RAF of a group which serviced radar equipment on planes. Radar was one of the deciding technologies that allowed the Allies to win the war. He loved doing meaningful work and the camaraderie.

After the war, he worked as a supervising engineer for the telephone company in Los Angeles and San Diego, and was instrumental in getting them to change from analogue to digital machines in the 1980’s.

Although he did well in college and career, Maurice was happiest when he was working with his hands.  He built three homes and remodeled a fourth in his spare time. In 1955 he was in charge of building the Methodist Church in Tujunga near Los Angeles.  On a visit 30 years later he was introduced by another old timer as the one who was responsible for them having the building they did. His six year old grandson couldn’t have been prouder.

Maurice was a leader in two Boy Scout troops in Los Angeles, and started Troop 319 in La Mesa, Calif.

Family was the most important part of Maurice’s life. Ruth was the love of his life and his easy going style was the perfect foil for her dramatic flair.  They raised their children with love and discipline. As a father he was strict and serious, but went back to being more easy going once work and family responsibilities were lifted.

He gave incredible gifts to his children. He was easygoing and had joy in life. He was calm and supportive although he expected the best from his children. He shared his love for the outdoors–camping and backpacking.  He was thrifty and had his financial affairs in order. He was a good parent, and was generous with time and money for his grandchildren.

He is survived by four children, Norman Down, Rolene Walker, Carl Down, and Kathy Down.  Also a son in law, Gregory Kelly, and two daughter in laws, Lisa Down and Jacki Challenger.  He is survived by seven grandchildren: Serena Down, Jake Down, Raqa Down, Dylan Otero, Martin Otero, Brigitte Kelly and Randy Almond.  He had five great grandchildren, Finn and Noa Beveridge, Vivian, Lucas and Dylan Otero.

He lived in Los Angeles and San Diego and retired to Covenant Village in Turlock. He also spent time at a cabin they built in Bayview, Idaho.

Due to current circumstances the memorial service for Maurice has been delayed.  Please keep checking for additional information.


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  1. Natalie Pierce says

    Maurice I will miss your smile, funny stories and positiveness. It was an honor to know you.

  2. Eduardo Huerta says

    Rolene and Martin,

    My sincere and heart felt condolences on the passing of your father and grandfather. i am very happy that you got to have him for a very long life, and I’m certain that your memories of him are abundant.

    I hope all finds you well in your time of grief and I wish that you would reach out to me if there is anything that I could do.

  3. Raeanna Malmberg says

    An amazing life for an amazing man! So blessed to have met him! I could listen to his stories for hours! He’ll be missed.
    Much love, Raeanna Malmberg

  4. Frankistani Carlson says

    Thanks for a more complete remembrance. Maurice was a quiet and unassuming man. He was dedicated to Ruth, his wife and children. He was a good influence for his children. He was a man of Christian Faith which did not waiver. He was a man that other men aspired to be but could not be. My father met him at either Pasadena City College or UC Berkeley. Maybe it was through my father that he met Ruth Carlson later to be Ruth Down.

  5. June Johnson says

    Blessings to you and your family. May the spirit of Maurice Down continue to brighten your days and inspire you to follow the truth of your own heart.

  6. Rolene Walker says

    Thank you dad for being such a rock. I can’t imagine a world without you. Your good life and good death will always be in my heart.

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