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Richard (Dick) Claude Haile May 10, 1949 - December 29, 2020

Richard (Dick) Claude Haile

May 1949 ~ December 2020_x000D_

Richard was born at Collins Hospital at 11:50p.m. on May 10, 1949 and was the second born of a set of twins, his brother Bill was born first.  He attended Denair Unified Schools, graduating from Denair High School in 1967.  He attended Modesto Junior College.

Dick started milking cows when he was 12.  His favorite cow was #77 who was very gentle and more like a pet.  As a young man he liked deer hunting with his father and brothers.  Pheasant hunting with family and friends was always a time to trick other hunters. Every summer they would go camping at Clark Fork.  He liked to impress the girls by taking them horseback riding.

On August 28, 1970 Dick married Pamela Boyer and they had three sons Reece, Galen (Beth) and Loren. They lived on the dairy until 1987.

He then worked for Casey Concrete from 1987 until the CVC buyout and then he worked for them until 2007.

Dick was a member of Denair Lions Club from 1987-1993 and parked cars at the fair.  He was a Boy Scout leader when his boys were in the scouts.

In 2005 he earned his contractor’s license, bought his backhoe and started the family business, Haile’s Septic Service.

Dick lived in Snelling, CA for 10 years before moving back to Turlock in 2013 and then Denair in 2016 where lived until his passing.

Dick is survived by wife Pam, and sons Reece, Galen and Loren; seven grandchildren Elle and Ty; Bailey and Hayden; Daphne, Piper and Cartlynd; 19 nieces and nephews, and several grandnieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by his parents Merval and Ella Belle Thomason Haile; sister Barbara Jones; brother William (Bill) Haile and niece Denise Haile Lara.

Public Visitation from 4pm – 6pm on Wednesday, January 13, 2020 at Allen Mortuary.  Funeral for family 10am on Thursday, January 14, 2020 at Allen Mortuary with a public graveside to follow at Turlock Memorial Park.

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  1. reece haile says

    So Very Blessed and Thankful to have been the last family member along with my son Ty to see Dad! God is good! Ty and I were able to spend some good quality time with dad. Talking about the good “˜ole days and what we have been doing now. BUT most importantly Ty and I were able to pray with dad! He told us all he wanted was Peace. And after all three of us prayed that is what Dad had! Ty, Kristy and I drove away from the hospital that night and we all felt at peace as well! We didn’t feel the need to go and show boat at his funeral, for we know where he is now. I know there is a bit of anger in some people’s hearts BUT we are here for you. If anyone of you, whether family or friends needs me then please call me. God is good All the time and is just waiting for each and every one of you to come to Him! I was given the blessed gift of spending dad’s last time with Ty. I cherish that time and will always be thankful. Our door is always open to anyone that needs us. The time is near, God is coming back soon! Please do not be left behind! Heaven is your choice! Seek ye first the kingdom of God!

  2. D Paul McWhorter says

    Dick Haile was one of the few guys from DHS about whom I never heard any criticism—-what was there to criticize?

    Dick always had a smile and a laugh for everyone at school. I cannot recall a single mean-spirited thing he ever did.

    With a circle of friends led by Mike Bronner, his brother, Bill; Ron Brown and Larry Reuther, the fraternity is certainly smaller and less-happy with the loss of Dick.

    After I returned from college, Dick and Bill often visited me at my house on Main Street-Turlock, CA on Fridays after work. Dick was always curious about the college experience and asked all about living in San Diego, CA. He never made himself the center of attention although his very presence made every gathering more enjoyable.

    Dick was always gentle, funny and I have canvassed a number of classmates who never figured out where his phrase “ol’ Hairy-Legs” came from. He always made a gathering a better get-together. Rest easy, Dick—and my final thought:

    I loved listening to Dick describe how much he loved his wife, Pam and each of his kids. A solid family man whose family will need encouragement and support in his absence–I trust we will all help them through this time.

  3. Mike Bronner says

    Well, since I can’t get out to the funeral I have another story. Dick, Bill and I have done a lot of hunting together over the years. In about 2000 or so they both came out. I had a log home along a creek high in the Rockies at that time. Dicky had a brand new Dodge Pickup. We got up early on the first day of Deer Season and drove up the canyon from my house, turned off on a road off the side road and it was almost a 4 WD road that went up to the top of the mountain. Our plan was to get out up there and wander around looking for Deer. We got to the top and parked. It was super quiet everywhere and we were trying to be quiet so our sound would not scare the deer……So, Dicky, being typical Dicky, as we started to walk away from his pickup up the trail, he hit the key button on his truck to lock the doors. Well, in the process the horn went off and you could hear that horn clear to the moon. I said, “what in the hell are you thinking”? He explained that he had to lock the doors on the truck. I said, “this is not California, no one is here, if someone shows up we will shoot them”……..Needless to say, we did not see a deer that morning………Too funny………I have so many stories like this I could write a book……..

    Another time the three of us were hunting in the snow above Rifle, Colorado. Billy was sleeping in the cab of the pickup, my little Toyota truck. Dick and I were sleeping in the back of the truck. It was cold out, real cold and the snow was about 8 inches deep……..I did go to sleep for awhile but was awakened by what sounded like a bear growling at me. Turns out, Dicky is snoring again. In my face with goat breath. It was so bad that I just got up, took my sleeping bag and went far enough from the pickup so I could not hear the snoring. About 3 miles or so, then put my bag in the snow and crawled in………Just kidding on the 3 miles, out in the trees away from the truck for sure…………..

    I would give anything for just one more of our disaster deer hunting expeditions…….RIP Dicky, soon we will meet again……..

  4. Charlotte Boyer Johnson says

    Dick was the nicest guy you could ask for!’I was privileged to be in Pam&Dicks wedding,he is a great guy who will be missed so much.my heart goes out to the family,Pam Galen ,Loren,Reece,all the grand kids. Rest in peace Dick❤❤❤

  5. Charlotte Boyer Johnson says

    Dick was the nicest guy you could ask for!’I was privileged to be in Pam&Dicks wedding,he is a great guy who will be missed so much.my heart goes out to the family,Pam Galen ,Loren,Reece,all the grand kids. Rest in peace Dick❤❤❤

  6. Sharyn J Hedberg says

    Dick is now with his twin brother, Bill, in heaven. They were both wonderful human beings. My prayers go out to Pam, Reece, Loren and Galen, Ron and Judy, Nancy and all the family members. Dick was my brother-in-law for 7 years. I loved it when he would tell hilarious jokes and we would just laugh so hard. He was such a great guy and so fun to be around. The world will miss him.

  7. Judy Green says

    So very sorry for your loss Pam and family! Dick was a great guy and will be missed . Your in our thoughts and prayers, ❤️

  8. Marsha Barkhousen says

    Sorry for your loss Blessing to u and the Haile Family Lee and Marsha (other Pams cousin) Barkhousen

  9. Mike Bronner says

    Ole Hairy Legs, (Dicky) was one of my best friends, he and his brother Billy, our entire lives. We grew up across Keyes Road from each other on separate dairies. Eighteen years of mischief and then a lifetime of friendship. We will always be friends, forever. We used to cut the heads off Cocks, (Rooster pheasants) and then stick a piece of wire up their necks and put them next to a bush, with tail feathers sticking out along Keyes road, then hide and watch hunters go crazy and slam the breaks on, guys jumping out the car and shooting at them. We laughed like crazy, it was fun I will never forget……

    I will never forget the day I left for Vietnam. I was looking out the back window of the car as my parents drove away from our home on Keyes road and there stood, Hairy Legs and Turk watching me leave and waving at me. A year later as we approached our home after I was picked up on my return from Nam, the first thing I saw was Dicky and Billy standing on the front lawn waiting for me to return. Only a friend like those guys would stand there a whole year and wait for me. 🙂 They accepted the guy that looked like the guy that left a year earlier, even though that guy never came home. Not sure where he went but I have been playing his part ever since.

    My two best buds are gone now. I imagine they will be waiting for me to join them in the future. I hope so. We need another campfire talk…….

    I am sorry Pam, Loren, Reese, and Galen…..all the Haile’s, you lost a good guy, we all did…..RIP Hairy Legs, I will miss you. Until we meet again. Mike B (Peckerhead)

  10. Randa Williams says

    My sincere condolences to you and your family Pam. And continuing to pray for you.

  11. Randa Williams says

    So very sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences to you and your family. Praying for you.

  12. SUSAN QUIGLEY says

    Special person! I have know Dick since 4th grade and always a kind person! He will be missed!!! My best to Pam and the boys. Thinking of all of you. ❤️

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