Alma Jean Dixon

Alma Jean Dixon

Alma Jean Dixon was born June 11, 1944 to Raymond and Corinne Glover in Modesto, California. Alma married her high school sweetheart Robert “Alvin” Dixon in November, 1959. In the 61 years of marriage they had 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. Alma retired from Foster Farms after 20+ years as a Quality Control Supervisor.

Alma will always be remembered for her unconditional love for her family, passion for writing and singing music as well as playing the guitar. Her strong spirit, generosity and love for the Lord are the many gifts she was able to pass on to all of her family.

Alma is survived by her husband Robert “Alvin” Dixon, her children Debra Dixon, Tammy Dixon, Darlene (Michael) Walker, Robert Dixon and June (Scott) McNeil, her brother Ronald Dean Glover. Alma is preceded in death by her parents Raymond and Alma “Corinne” Glover and brothers Jerry Garrett and Raymond Wayne Glover.

Viewing Services will be held at Allen Mortuary, Friday, October 9th, 2020 from 5:00-7:00 PM.

Graveside Services will be held at Ceres Memorial Park, Saturday, October 10th at 1:00 PM.


  • anita mccabe October 8, 2020 3:43 am

    I have had Alma as a friend for years also. i loved her laugh which she could make me laugh all the time. she was a very special person, with much talent, and i will never forget she always stood up for me. our conversation last week, the last thing i said to her was i loved her, she said i love you too. i know she will be missed by so many people.

  • Darlene Walker October 9, 2020 2:54 am

    You were so beautiful and your heart so caring. You were such a good mom and raised us all to be strong and caring people. I will always cherish the memories of you teaching us to sing with you and listening to you play the guitar.My heart will never be the same.
    You can finally rest in peace. I love you mom

  • Amber Farris October 9, 2020 4:57 am

    My condolences to all the family.
    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  • Mackenzie Dixon October 9, 2020 6:51 am

    Grandma was one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met in my life. I truly can’t believe you’re gone and I can’t stop thinking about you, I wished I had asked you to sing more like I always wanted to. I’ve loved your singing ever since I was little and could never quite believe that my grandma was such an amazing song writer, you truly had some amazing talents and a great laugh. I’m so sorry I didn’t spend more time with you, I love and miss you grandma.

  • June October 9, 2020 1:10 pm

    I am so thankful God gave me you to be my mom. You taught me how to be strong, independent, and to face fear head on. You showed me to have compassion for those who were less fortunate and empathy for the weak and those that are hurting. Thanks for always being so strong for all of us and keeping our family together. I always loved when you sang to me and right now the words you wrote are continually going through my head.

    There will be no heartache in Heaven,
    There will be no suffering, no pain.
    There will be no loneliness in Heaven,
    For I’ll have nothing to lose, but all to gain.

    I love and miss you mom!

  • Richi October 9, 2020 7:30 pm

    I use to call her Momma Jean, grandma was a very young vibrant grandma. I will never forget how much she absolutely loved Tina Turner, Micheal Jackson and just many different types of music. Her love for her family was unconditional, I know that in any situation, even if I may have been at fault she would have my back.

    Grandma, your smile, beautiful skin, eyes, your singing, your big hugs are going to be missed greatly. Thank you for teaching me how to stick up for myself, and how to be a person that stands up and voices my opinions.

    I know that if I ever didn’t feel like giving my stinker a swat if he needed it that she would step in and help me out! LoL 🙂

    Here are just a few things that remind me of you every time I see them. Big red gum, Tina Turner, musk perfume, Aveno cream, abd dimples

    Love you Grandma!

  • Brenda October 9, 2020 9:56 pm

    Aunt Alma, you will be missed, as a kid I have always loved your eyes, to me I’ve never seen anyone you had smiling eyes like yours. I bet my dad welcomed you with open arms.
    Love Brenda

  • Brandon Farris October 10, 2020 2:55 am

    Alma Jean you are a woman full of love, it was so awesome to walk through your door and see that great smile and get that meaningful hug.
    I will remember all those many years of going back and forth pestering each other. We had a great mother-in-law, son-in-law relationship and you are going to be greatly missed…

    May you rest in peace, your loving memory will always remain with me.
    Brandon Farris

  • Cheryl Farris Tobin October 11, 2020 12:03 am

    I was so saddened to hear of Alma Jeans passing. She was a wonderful and kind woman , always pleasant to be around. My deepest condolences to her entire family and friends. Rest In Peace lovely lady.

  • Tammy Dixon November 4, 2020 3:22 am

    I remember thinking I was the luckiest kid in my school because my mom was the prettiest mom. Then when you started singing at our schools and started the church singing group, I felt proud that my mom was beautiful and talented. Thank you mom for being such a strong woman and teaching all of us to be strong, and that we can accomplish anything we want to do. Thank you for always standing up for me and supporting me through everything. I will miss your beautiful eyes, your loving touch, and your beautiful voice. Someone told you once that you were a female Johnny Cash, I think your talents can stand up to anyone.
    I love you and miss you mom,
    Sing it loud momma.

  • Marc March 20, 2021 10:04 pm

    I don’t know if anyone will see this, so many months later, but I represented Ronald Dean Glover when he was found suitable for parole in January of 2020. I spoke with Alma Jean prior to his hearing and I was able to convey the warmth and genuine sense welcome that she expressed to me on the telephone. I am sorry for your loss and am particularly saddened and moved that she and her brother didn’t get sing a few songs together at the end because the Governor sent his parole grant back for a new hearing and, perhaps disheartened by the loss of his beloved sister, he passed on shortly before that hearing. I’m sure she sang many lifetimes worth of beautiful songs and I’m heartened to see the love expressed for her.

  • Debra June 11, 2021 3:14 pm

    Moma today is ur birthday on earth I wish u were here so I could talk with u I hope u can see all of us and know we all truly loved u I miss u so much moma u were and will always be my best friend . Moma thank u for all u have done and taught me. It is so hard for me without u . I needed u more the older I got. U will never be replaced u r my strength thru everything I did and do
    I love u mom happy birthday in heaven because I know u r there singing

    Love Debra

  • Jaime Dixon September 26, 2021 6:45 am

    I love you I miss you so much I think about you all the time

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