Juan Jesus Perez Ayala

Juan Jesus Perez Ayala

October 1941 ~ February 2022

Juan Jesus Perez Ayala, 80 years old from Merced, California, passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family. Juan was born to Juan and Esperanza Perez in Saguayo, Michoacan, Mexico in 1941. 

He is survived by his loving wife Maria Luisa Rodriguez de Perez and 12 children, Betha Alicia, Paola, Maria Luisa, Ruben, Gloria (Fallecida), Olga, Ortencia, Rafael, Claudia, Jesus, Juan Aramando, Laura and Oscar.

Funeral Mass will be in Merced, California with burial to be at Panteon Municipal de Sahuayo, Michoacan, Mexico.

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