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Anthony “Tony” Primo Hernandez June 9, 1941 - August 22, 2022

Anthony “Tony” Primo Hernandez peacefully passed away at his residence at the age of 81. He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Teresa Hernandez, daughter Cynthia Atkinson (Stephen), grandchildren Yvette and Alexander Vasquez, sisters Teresa Cortez and Irma Wheeler, brothers Philip (Lydia) and Roger (Brenda) Hernandez, and nephews and nieces.

Happy Start—Born in Los Angeles, California, Tony had a very full and active life. He had some crazy youthful adventures. Some good, others not so much. In his late teens, seeds of bible truths were sprinkled upon him. Now, it is not the seed but the soil they are planted on that makes a difference regarding growth. The seeds really could not grow much for quite a while.

Times of Change—His life changed drastically when he was incarcerated for 5 years, being released January 1969. Within that period, those seeds of bible truths were watered and started to grow. His personality began to be transformed. Then he was transferred to another facility near Sonora, California. There he learned a trade, mechanics. He also fought forest fires. A bible study program was offered to the inmates, by Jehovah’s Witnesses. More watering of those seeds!

More Growth—His personality and demeanor changed. In prison Tony said that all the inmates had nick names. His was “Crazy Horse” and then, after applying bible truths to his mind and heart, his nick name was changed to “Tame Pony”! Learning about Almighty God, Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ and applying bible truths, changed his life for the better, forever! (John 17: 3; Psalms 83:18; 1 Corinthian 3: 6, 7) After his release in January 1969, Tony dedicated his life to God, and he was baptized in July 1969 as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses (Isaiah 43:10)

Next Big Changes— October 1969. Tony began his 28-year career at Gallo Winery, in Modesto, California. Also, in 1970, he married Minerva Cabrera and together they had a beautiful daughter, Cynthia. Sadly, Minerva passed away in December 1987.

Now, Tony had the ability to work very hard! So, while working full-time and caring for his family and continuing his voluntary ministry work, he continued to build his knowledge in mechanics, taking courses at Modesto Junior College and elsewhere. Later, he became certified as an ASE Automotive Technician in 3 categories.

Kindhearted—Yes, he went through fiery trials and continued to be refined. He also helped families in need and at times even protected some of them, through the years; 1970s onward. Up to the present time, these families remember Tony’s love and courage and dedication to Jehovah. As health permitted, he enjoyed, voluntarily sharing with many the Good News of God’s Kingdom, as Jesus taught. (Matthew 24:14)

More Changes—Then in 1992, he married Teresa Martino. Next, in 1997, he retired early from Gallo Winery and opened PRIMO Automotive (1997—2015). He loved working on cars.

Then major health changes came along. Through the last couple of decades of his life he endured many health challenges, including Parkinson’s disease, which he succumbed to in the end. He did not complain. He was not a quitter. He endured until the end.

Tony—He was not a perfect man and erred like we all do. His best qualities were generosity, kindness, empathy and hospitality, Sone described him as dynamic, bold and motivating and others said he was sweet and kind and loving, and helpful, especially to those in need. One of his favorite scriptures was Ezekiel 38:23, his favorite song found on JW.ORG or JW Library… >Original Songs> Your Word Endures Forever.

He had a pleasant day at home with family and friends on Sunday, 8/21/22, He will be missed by those who knew and loved him. His family would like to thank you for all the generous outpouring of love and prayers, food, etc… He is at peace, awaiting a resurrection to Paradise earth. (Psalms 37:9-11, 29)

Please contact the family for ZOOM memorial information, held Saturday, September 24, 2022, at 2:30 pm, Thank you.

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