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John Clements June 18, 1999 - March 1, 2021

June 1999 – Feb. 2021

John was born in Merced, CA on June 18, 1999.  He grew up in Delhi and was an active member of the Hilmar First Baptist Church. He loved working with the children in Sunday school and helping his Papa with Vacation Bible School.

John loved drama and he took great joy in helping to create and act in presentations by the church and Denair Gaslight Theatre. He was also a master gamer.  He loved to create games, play board games and online games. His imagination truly knew no boundaries.

John was a Boy Scout who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 2017. He proudly graduated from Connecting Waters Charter School in 2019 and went on to attend Merced Junior College, where he pursued an education in wildlife biology.

John loved family get-togethers, especially those including his brother and sister. He loved going to the movie theatre, trips to Disneyland and the coast. He was a collector of Disney characters, Harry Potter paraphernalia, Legos of many types, especially Star Wars, and anything involving magic and fantasy

John was loved by so many and leaves behind a great many family, friends, and loved ones.

A memorial service for John will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 12:30pm at Allen Mortuary. Livestream available at https://viewlogies.net/allen/FaqGe3xd2 PIN: 998282

Donations can be mailed to Jessica’s House, PO Box 1712, Turlock, CA 95381, or online at https://www.jessicashouse.org/donate

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  1. Tamara says

    Well John,
    It’s been a year and still it feels unreal. Like I’m in a dream no a nightmare and can’t wake up. We all go about our daily lives but you are always in the back of our minds and in our hearts. We miss you. We love you.

  2. Simon Bromley says

    Hey John ,

    Just wanted to let you know I miss ya bud . I’m sorry we didn’t get to see each other as often due to me being in the military and away from home. But just know I always cherished our visits when I would come over and you would greet me with a hug and ask me how I am . Then you would just talk about all your games and dragons and just things you really loved that I heard our whole life lol. I didn’t mind tho . I was just glad to be home to see you guys. Wish I got to know you more in our adult hood cause you did alot and made such an impact on those around you . My time to come home for good is drawing near and I wish you were here . Rest in Paradise John . Much love to you.

  3. Joseph Varner says

    It had been a long time since I had seen John. Last year I was able to visit and what a wonderful kid he was. He was so excited about his schooling and church. I could tell he was a great kid. He will be missed for sure. Gloria, we love you and are praying for you.

  4. Kristen Heard says

    Hey buddy,
    I miss you a lot. I may have only known you for a few months but among hundreds of people I have met through the video game world, you are teh only one I have ever really “connected” with. There is so much you and I taught one another and I wish there was so much more I could have shared with ya. You taught me a lot and I will treasure those things.

    I have spent so many days since this obituary was posted trying to figure out what to write and frankly there is not enough space to convey the type of friendship we shared. So I am going to give as much as I can here. John, I am not sure if you knew or understood completely but making friends that are more than just people you meet and hang out with online for short periods of time is not an easy thing for someone on the autism spectrum. Since day one after meeting you for the first time, we just you know; clicked. Like two puzzle pieces that fit together. Unlike with other people I have met while playing on the game I play all the time. You and I would spend hours just discussing this and that even if it wasn’t something we initially planned for. In my opinion you were awesome and I really couldn’t wait for you to come online sometimes. Honestly I believe you would have been the kind of friend that I would have until I became an old crone or something. That is the kind of impact you made on me.

    I get that there are people who have written their messages already that have known you for many years, some your whole life and I hope they accept this stranger’s words. I hope whatever part of your journey you are on that its just as amazing and insightful as you were to those who have come to know you.

    To all friends, family and aquantences of John I thank you for guiding this guy to the person he was. A really great friend and person to know.

    Also, John I will do my best to keep things going for ya on my end ok so don’t worry buddy. May you rest well.

    Your friend,
    Clawfang Shadow

    I know I never revealed my real name to you and I told you my reasons for it. I was going to reveal my name to you the following weekend but well it didn’t work out in the end. I am still crying right now too as I am typing this. So my real name is included on this message. So long John Bug 1999, the adventures we had will be missed but I am glad to have been a part of them with ya all the same.

  5. Tamara says

    You have always held a special place in our hearts. Our oldest nephew. We loved being able to go on family vacations with you. Our last one , we went on all the Harry Potter rides together after standing in line for hours and you were so happy to get a picture with the castle in the background. You saved rocco’s life when a rouge wave swept his feet from under him with no regard to your own safety. A true hero in our eyes. You just jumped into action. Shrugged off the praise because he was your cousin and you loved him. You always had a special bond with your cousins. The sword fights with elaborate stories to act out. Making sure no one was ever left out of the fun. Butting heads with Joshua over how the games were played. Your special bond with Nevaeh, as the oldest and youngest grandchildren. The excitement when Ryleigh joined our family. You were so excited to see their faces when they opened presents on birthdays and Christmas Day. You had so much fun picking just the right birthday cards for us all. The first time you called me aunt Tamara will always be a special memory. This little blonde haired boy squeezing me in a tight hug with his little arms. I will be always grateful for having known you, John, a truly wonderful, sweet and caring nephew. Your loss will forever be a hole in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved you. We will always love and miss you, Bub.

    Love Uncle Josh Aunt Tamara and your cousins

  6. Yonnie Mendes says

    John,. You have left an impression upon my heart. Your love & faithfulness for your grandmother was unforgettable. I shall remember you standing beside her singing & whispering in her ear occasionally. What a wonderful grandson you were.

  7. Diana says

    Your smile lit up a room. I’ll never forget it. I noticed you were Always happy to help anyone in need . You will be missed ! by My Prayers go out to the family and friends.

  8. Larry Chalupnik says

    Oh such a sweet boy! My thoughts and prayers for of his family. Rest in peace John John.

  9. Randa William s says

    Oh John how we miss your smiling face. You were much loved young man. I really enjoyed working with you In VBS and your hugs on Sunday morning. Our life’s will never be the same with out you. R.I.P until we meet again Ben & Randa

  10. Tina says

    John, John , Oh the memories you left me from all the Christmas plays at the church. You were quite the performer. You will be missed by so many. Our prayers go out to the family.

  11. Terry Holcomb says

    John I have fond memories of visiting with you weekly at Church..Our special push and pull over hugging😊One great memory was helping plan for your 21st Birthday!! We laughed so hard over all your imaginative ideas until we got it just right!!! !Your love for the kids at Church and their love for you was evident🥰 You were a servant of the Lord and you’ll leave a void!! Until we meet again I picture you safely in the arms of Jesus!!! Miss Terry

  12. Ellen Dunn says

    John you were unique and wonderful and I counted it a privilege to know you ..you will be so sorely missed..Ellen and Bob Dunn

  13. Rhonda Young says

    John was one of my favorite students who I enjoyed spending time with at school. He was always so full of information on different subjects that was of interest to him. Always a smile on his face when he came into class and always wanting to share what he had learned over the past week. I will miss knowing he is not sharing his knowledge with the world. I’m sure the angles in Heaven are getting an earful. So very sorry for the family’s and the world’s loss.

  14. Sandra Edwards says

    I miss you singing in the car and I miss you talking through all of our shows and replaying every detail afterwards. You are my good friend who became family. I love you kid and I will never stop missing you.

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