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Merrick John McIntire  November 4, 2003 - December 10, 2019

Merrick John McIntire 

November 4, 2003-December 10, 2019 _x000D_
Merrick is the sixth child of seven siblings born to Craig and Denise McIntire of Turlock, California where he lived the whole sixteen years of his life. A happy baby, he grew into a curious, lovable boy who hunted crawdads and frogs in his grandpa’s ditch, collected rocks and bugs and various treasures.  He enjoyed riding his bike; zipping around on skateboards, rip sticks and quads, and of course climbing just about anything. He joined his family on many adventures camping and hiking, beach days and snowboard days. He grew up a part of Crossroads church family. He started his school career at home through the seventh grade. He gobbled up books way beyond his grade level and whizzed at math skills. He gained computer-programming skills at college level on his own through Kahn Academy.  Merrick learned and greatly enjoyed playing the piano and martial arts. He thoroughly loved life and relating with people.

In June of 2016, at age 12 he suffered a severe brain injury in a car accident and his life changed dramatically. Doctors could not promise he would survive or wake up. But after 10 weeks in a coma, his family and friends celebrated jubilantly when he spoke his first word. That first word began a most curious and grueling journey of recovery. Thousands of people prayed and rooted for him. Doctors and therapists, friends and family did their part. He was a champion that worked hard for each victory. Over the course of the first year, he moved from the wheelchair to a walker to walking on his own. His speech and cognitive thinking kept improving and he started karate lessons and piano playing again which proved to be key pieces to improvement. He fought to overcome neurological muscle fatigue that limited his stamina. He could ride his bike and hike short distances with his family again!  In 2017 he started his freshman year at Denair High School where he made many friends and wonderful memories. He began their Project Life program and worked as a cashier at the Coyote Cup of Kindness coffee cart.

Merrick triumphed over so many challenges but amazingly retained his memory and to everyone’s delight, his personality! He remained the kind, loving boy as before the injury. He loved people. He succeeded to make people laugh with his goofy jokes and rhymes, witty humor and spontaneous, silly songs. Above all he loved God, His Maker. He worshiped Him boldly and enthusiastically. He never felt sorry for himself but confidently said his condition and everything that happened to him was for God’s glory. His faith was unshakable.

Merrick joins family members and friends that have preceded him. He will be painfully missed by his grandparents, John and Gladys Allison; parents, Craig and Denise McIntire; siblings: Morgan, Landon, Mikayla, Lauryn, Nolan and Lynea; and a whole plethora of loving aunts, uncles, cousins, dear friends and everyone else who knew him. All the days he was here are treasured memories now.

We are so proud of you, Merrick John. You ran your race like a champion. You won the prize of eternal life through your faith in Jesus Christ your Savior. To God be the glory! See you soon!

Visitation will be held from 4pm to 7pm on Thursday, December 19th at Crossroads Church 1316 N. Johnson Rd. in Turlock.  A celebration of Merrick’s life will be held at 11am on Friday, December 20th also at Crossroads Church.  Interment at Turlock Memorial Park and reception at Crossroads Church will immediately follow.

Memorial gifts can be made in Merrick’s memory to the following organizations:

Jessica’s House at jessicashouse.org or 741 E. Main Street Turlock, CA 95380

Westside Ministries at westsideministries.com or P.O. Box 354 Turlock, CA 95381

Valley Children’s Hospital at valleychildrens.org or 9300 Valley Children’s Pl, Madera, CA 93636

Denair Coyotes Cup Of Kindness Coffee Cart, 3640 Lester Rd. Denair CA 95316

Joni and Friends at joniandfriends.org or PO Box 3333 Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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  1. Jillian Laney says

    Merrick, you were so good to everyone. you never failed to put a smile on anyones face and you could light up a room walking in. you have pushed me closer to God and i am so happy for you that you have got to meet your creator and your heavenly father. you never stopped talking about God and i am so happy you are with him. we miss you so much down here. i want to be selfish and say it’s not fair you’re gone but i know you are so happy and you have had such an impact down here. i miss you so so much and i wish i could just share one more worship song with you or one more youth game with you. rest in paradise merr, i’ll see you soon ❤️

  2. Hailey James says

    He was always funny and he was always positive and fun and playful

  3. Eddy Montanez says

    Dear sweet Merrick, our hearts are broken today and for many more days to come. I remember all the times you would make me laugh you always knew how to put a smile on people’s face. Everybody at school will always remember you. your a very sweet, kind, loving person. May he rest in peace and fly high over everyone that loves him.

  4. Tessa Marie says

    I will never forget the way you lived every waking moment with joy and love. When I remember you, I always see that little boy running around happily with his brothers and sisters, slipping and sliding across Gramma Mac’s shiny new floors. I think about all the times I have seen you and your family express candid, unprompted, and genuine moments of affection and love for one another, and I try to model that kind of love for my own children. Thank you for all the light and love you have brought to our family. We will miss you so much. You will always be with us in our thoughts and actions.

  5. Jean Bothun says

    Merrick was a young guy with an amazing personality. A very sharp guy. Remember Merrick at Calvary chapel Turlock evening Bible studies could answer most any question and loved getting into God’s word.
    I treasure the many times that I got a big hug and thumbs up from Merrick. I treasure a picture I have of Merrick and I always that sweet smile .
    He was very talented in music and with his witty comments
    Merrick will be welcomed into heaven with open arms from our Lord
    Will see you in heaven someday Merrick I expect a big hug and thumbs up ❤️

  6. Missy McGuffey says

    Dear Merrick,
    Although we never met, I had the pleasure of knowing you through your Aunt Karen. After your accident I cheered your accomplishments from the Facebook sidelines. Your energy and faith were always so evident and the love that surrounded your tribe always glowed. I strongly believe your time on Earth was meant to bless those around you with a greater knowledge of human strength and of deeper faith.

    God bless your family –
    Missy McGuffey

  7. Brianna Sutherland says

    Merrick was a light to everyone who met him.
    The handful of times I crossed paths with him during church events or family. He was always full of life, funny and outgoing.
    I know he’s having a blast in Heaven. Praying for the family.

  8. Joe & Mary Bettencourt says

    Dear Graig, Denise and family…
    My heart sank when David gave us the news that Merrick had passed away. We were in such disbelief. He was so full of life and had accomplished so much more than expected. He was such a bundle of love and expressed it in such a beautiful way with his smile and hugs. May God bless you with his spirit and feel comfort in knowing that he is in the arms of God. I feel so blessed that I was able to hug and even dance with him at Austin and Emily reception just a couple of months ago. May God Bless you during this very difficult time and realize that we are all blessed that we had a chance to be in the company of such a precious child of God.

  9. Michelle Clyde-Byus says

    Craig, Denise and Family,I am So profoundly sorry for your loss! I am however grateful that Maverick was your child to love and learn from, what a blessing. My deepest condolences!

  10. Ruby Allen says

    Merrick, I remember dancing with you at the Bettencourt wedding! I thought you were going to “blow a gasket” by the way you kept at it! What energy, what love of life! You were amazing! Glad you were happy! Glad you knew the Lord! That makes all the difference in the world, and that’s all that really matters…..to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. How happy you must be, dancing with Him now! Blessings to your family, and peace…. knowing you are now with Him….our Lord and savior! Praying for Peace, for your family who love and miss you…

  11. Michelle Clyde-Byus says

    Craig, Denice and Family,I am So profoundly sorry fro your loss! I am however grateful that Maverick was your child to love and learn from what a blessing. My deepest condolences!

  12. Julie Bispo says

    Dearest merrick,I’ve only known you a short time, however I’ve know your family a long long time. Everytime we met you made me feel special by your beautiful attitude. I believe you made everyone feel special. I also think that in heaven you are running and riding, and doing all the things that you loved the most, God bless you, and thank you for being you

  13. Curtis McIntire says

    My little buddy Merrick – the light you brought to every room you entered will never be forgotten. We’re all richer in character having known you the short time with us. I’ve learned so much from you through your effortless faith and boundless love of everyone in your orbit. We all look forward to reuniting with you when He sees fit. Until then, Hasta la Vista Baby!!
    PS…I will collect my 5 bucks when I arrive in heaven, God willing….

  14. Arceni Keith Mello says

    Craig and Denise I’m so sorry for your loss, as a parent I can’t begin to imagine the grief. God blessed you with a beautiful son, may he continue to bless your family. Gods speed Merrick.

  15. Helene Amato says

    Craig & Denise, my heart is broken for your loss. I never met this beautiful young man but I worked with his father and know hes was very loved. Go with your maker Jesus Christ and never forget how much you are loved and missed.❤❤

  16. Al Johnson says

    I am so sorry that I didn’t get o know Merrick personally but. Was blessed and admired him as I saw how so many prayers were answered about his recovery.I I will pray for the family and close friends that will grieve his absence even knowing that Merrick is in the presence of Jesus who he sincerely loved.

  17. Melissa McIntire says

    Dear Merrick, You made the world a better place by your courage, example, humor, solid gold faith, & love. Your parents, siblings, other relatives & your many friends love you immensely & miss you so much already. But… Watch for us, ‘cuz we will be catching up with you, Buddy, as we each meet our day to rise ~~ Be there with plenty of frisbees! Thank you, & thank God, for your time here with us, because you taught us so much, in ways no one else could have. Love you, your Aunt Melissa McIntire

  18. Melissa McIntire says

    Dear Merrick, You taught us all so much by your courage & example, & you exceeded every hope & expectation. We take comfort in knowing that you are in the company of Jesus & that you are wholly healed & perfect again. We will all gather again with you as we each reach our day to rise, & know that you’ll be there to greet us. Thank you, & thank God, for the days you spent here with us, teaching us as no other could. Your parents, siblings, other relatives & your friends all love you immensely & we will all miss you (already do!), but we will also all catch up with you eventually. Watch for us, & have the frisbees ready! Love ya, Buddy. Your Aunt Melissa McIntire

  19. ZoAnn Face Peteraon says

    Denise & Craig, I am so sorry. I remember meeting Merrick just last year. I can still see his smile and pure joy in his face. Such a loving boy. He is with loved ones looking down smiling at you.

  20. Pete & Marge Lindbeck says

    Merrick you brought smiles, high fives, your love for Jesus and the Father which you shared with each person you encountered along your journey of life. You are now home playing the heavenly piano for Jesus and sitting at His feet listening to His every word! Enjoy! We can’t wait to join you there.

  21. Gina & Matt Anderson says

    Craig, Denise and Kids,
    Our hearts sank when we heard about the accident and injuries. It was such a horrific and unexpected thing that could have happened to any family. Yet, I don’t know many families that could have handled the journey to recovery better than yours. Watching Merrick’s progress, joy and all of you working together to build him back up has been so inspirational. Thank you for sharing his story. May his precious soul rest completely in the peace and comfort of our Lord’s arms.

  22. Maria and Kurt Obispo says

    Merrick you are and will always be an inspiration to a lot of people you will be missed by a lot of people but especially your parents and siblings and grandparents but your beautiful memories will always be with all of them you are in heaven and looking down on all them you are the most beautiful angel anyone could ever have

  23. Jeannie Shipley zarbano says

    I have never gotten the chance to meet Merrick. I know his loving parents. I believe that Merrick would not of had so much success in getting better if it hadn’t been for the love, determination and patience from his family, fiends and himself. I know that he is watching down on u and saying he is fine and will be watching over all of u. May he rest in peace and fly high over everyone that loves him.

  24. Lynn Witt says

    Dearest Merrick as you have left this earthly place and entered into Heaven you will be truley missed. Your smile and bubbly personality will be missed as well. This is only a good bye as i know i will see you in Heaven. I will miss you on Sunday mornings eating your favoriate chocolate old fashion doughnuts. Until we meet again. Dance, run, play piano and eat those chocolate old fashion doughnuts.

  25. Megan Krueger says

    I remember the first time I met Merrick! He just got out the hospital and went to the Fresno zoo, I was also down at the hospital due to my daughter having a test. We also went to the zoo that same day, we were over by the otter exhibit and I saw this boy in a wheel chair. I looked at my mom and said “mom isn’t that Merrick?” Then he disappeared around the corner so I went around the corner and sure enough it was him! I was so ecstatic to see him! I ran over there and just had to say hi! I know his dad from work so it made me so happy to see him. And I remember him standing up and saying “praise God!” That just made my day. I remember going to see his dad at work and just asking him how your progress was and him just telling me the amazing things that was happening. I’m going to miss you Merrick, you were truly a blessing and any amazing boy!

  26. Karen Mcintire says

    Dear sweet Merrick, our hearts are broken today and for many more days to come. I will never forget your precious smile and will miss your very strong hugs I know I will see you again so until then know that you are loved & missed deeply. Hug your grandma & grandpas for me.
    Love Aunt Karen McIntire

  27. Julie Miranda says

    Sweet, precious Merrick, your physical presence will be painfully missed but we rejoice in the gift of your memory and all you left for us. Dance freely, run strong and know that all you were on earth truly was for the glory of God! With love and admiration for all you gave,
    Paul and Julie Miranda
    Jessie, Lillie, Nikkie, and Hunter

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