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Shreeman Shiu Charan Sadhu Ji October 20, 1941 - April 27, 2022

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October 20, 1941 – April 27, 2022

गायत्र॔ मंत्र ‘ऊं भूर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य à¤§à¥”महि। धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।।


Shreeman Shiu Charan Sadhu was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and a passionate bhajaniya. He left for eternal life on Wednesday April 27, 2022.

Mr. Charan was born on October, 20 1941 in Vitogo, Fiji Islands but lived most of his life in Paipai Vakabuli. He married Ram Kumari in 1962.  Mr. Charan immigrated to the U.S. in 2005 with his family. He lived a beautiful life surrounded by his family and friends. Mr. Charan is survived by his wife Ram Kumari, his children, Prabha, Renuka, Pradeep, and Harish, their spouses, Jayant, Davendra, Rohini, and Madhu, his 10 grand kids, Jaynesh, Avinesh, Warsha, Shiwani, Punit, Sumit. Eshani, Eshita, Eshant, and Priyansha. His great-grandchildren: Amaya, Arjun, Shanaya, Rihaan, Kai and Kaleo. He wholeheartedly loved his family and the community.

Mr. Charan dedicated his whole life participating in religious activities and community service. He served on the board for the Vakabuli Indian School and the family temple while he was in Fiji. He wanted to support every child in the community to have access to opportunities to explore all possibilities in their lives to be successful. He was a very spiritual, powerful, and knowledgeable human being.

He taught everyone around him to serve with a good heart and never expect anything back. Sadhu Shiu Charan Ji had an infectious positive spirit and his motto was “karma Pradhan vishwa rachi rakha.“ 

His immense love for music and bhajans will remain a legacy. Shiu Charan Sadhu was a very talented singer – his melodious voice will echo in our hearts forever. His first bhajan competition was in 1978 where he was awarded a trophy. It continued from there with more competitions and awards. There are no words to describe his passion and knowledge of the art of bhajans.

His family is blessed to have spent so many precious moments with the beautiful soul.

A funeral service will be held at Allen Mortuary on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, beginning at 11:00AM concluding with cremation. Those who wish to view the ceremony online may do so with the following link: https://www.viewlogies.net/allen/FoVNVBWPA?pin=596602


Lyrics from his Favorite Bhajan

मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,

हो,मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,

मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,

हो,मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,

ध्रुव भगत ने रंग रंगाया,

जंगल में जा डेरा जमाया,

ध्रुव भगत ने रंग रंगाया,

जंगल में जा डेरा जमाया,

उत रामा ह॔ रामा बोल्या,

मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,

हो,मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,

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  1. Renuka Prakash says

    Eulogy of Sadhu Shiu Charan Ji – Renuka Prakash (daughter)

    Aap sab ko mera ramram
    Mere Pitaji ( Bappa) ka janam Vitogo Fiji Islands mein huwa.- 20th October 1941 mein
    Us ka vivwa meri maa se 1962 huwa – 60 years tak wee ek dusere ka ssath diya..dukh aur sukh mein.
    Bappa ke pariwaar sab mila kar saat bhai aur do bahena thee. Pitaji sab se chote thee. Aaja ka naam Ram Lal . Aaji ka naam Gayana.
    Hum do bahen hai- Renuka Devi and Prabha Wati
    Do bhai – Pradip chand and Harish Chand
    10 grand kids and 6 great grandchildren

    Peeshe se mere Pitaji ek kushal Kisaan thee aur apne kaam kaaj mein Nipun thee
    Us ne apna pura jiwan dharam ke karya mein betta diya. Pitaji ka pariwaar us ka sab kuch tha aur hai. Hum jab chote thee tab hamaare pariwaar ka mandir tha paipai mein. Mere pitaaji mandir mein bharpoor sewa diya. Kabhi kisi se kuch umeed nahi kiya. Sirf diya. Jo koi bhi hamare ghar par aaya kabhi khali haath nahi bheja. Jo kuch shakti tha us ne usi ke mutabik madad kiya.

    Bappa apne zindgi mein shayad ek hazaar se zayada bhajan ko gaya. Kisi ne bula liya weh chal parte thee. Aap sab ne bappa ka ati sundar bhajan ko suna hoga aur sun rahe ho. Mujhe yaad hai us ke paas Guru tha jis se wee bhajan seekete thee. Pitaji bhi kitne ke guru thee..Kitno ko bhajan sikahaya. Us nein hum ko geeta , ramayan, bhajan sab kuch ki sicha diya. Mere bhai Pradeep Chand ne Bappa ka saath bahut diya aur us ka har ek khowaish pura karte chale gaye. We regard him as our Sharwan bhakth of this era.

    Bappa believed that Education and being Knowledgeable are the most powerful tool you have that cannot be taken away.
    Vidya dhan maha dhan

    These are his own words. He gave utmost priority to community service. I have mentioned our mandir earlier. I remember during hurricane BiBi bappa left the house at the height of the hurricane to save that temple. I remember him saying that he did not care about the wind or the rain.
    He is a firm believer that children should explore all possible opportunities. Mom was always there for him. He knew his kids very well and exactly how to support the profession they will join. I was the first generation University graduate from my village. I didn’t want to go back during my second year but he said ” that’s not happening. Here we are because of him.
    After my sister got married in 1983, Bappa made several trips to the USA.Jija Jayant Ram and Prabha made it possible and fulfilled Bappa’s wishes to explore another country. He was able to visit India with mom for Harish and Madhus wedding. His wish was to go to India and visit the place of origin and do teerath and visit the temples and Ganges River

    He is still the pillar of strength of our family. Because of him, his inspiration and beliefs our entire family has been together and flourishing to the road of success. Our hands got covered with soil, fertilizer, engine oil, concrete, spices ( you name it )while working with Bappa and learning from him.
    His first bhajan competition was in 1978 where he was awarded a trophy. It continued from there with more competitions. There is no word to describe his in -depth knowledge and authenticity of bhajans. His strategy was not to attack personally but to teach the truth and essence of bhajans. A Very powerful, spiritual and knowledgeable soul whose last competition was held here in Modesto. There are no words to describe his passion and knowledge of the art of bhajans.

    A profound human being who has lived his life surrounded by the love of his wife, daughters, sons, daughter in laws Rohini and Madhu Chand and son in laws Jayant Ram and Davendra Prakash, grandchildren Jaynesh Avinesh Warsha Shivani Punit Sumit Eshani Eshita Eshant Priyansha
    With great grandchildren Amaya, Arjun Shanaya Rihaan Kai and Kaleo.
    Your love and support throughout meant the world to him. GrandChildren and great kids you gave your love in your own way to bappa. You know the bond you have with nana and aja. He enjoyed you all the most. Our newest addition Ace Galermo thanks for your love and care. Bappa was informed of 2 more great grand kid who will coming soon. He showed his happiness with laughter and blessings. His laughs is never like any one elses

    Ajay Pal bhaiya and Bhabhi and the entire family – there is a long story of love and commitment of us with Bappa from Paipai to here in the USA. Prem Kaka his jigiri dost- bappa enjoyed your company- going to bhajans and his favorite drink- grog sessionsn-Ghor lo bhaiya

    He worried about mom but he knows that mom is a very spiritual, powerful, and strong hearted woman with God on her side as her guidance. His love for mom is unique. He is still showering his blessings on her.
    His sense of humor and laughter with us will always be remembered. Bappa and I used to facetime akbar birbal stories during the pandemic. If we were late in getting anything done, his remarks were- are you making the akbar birbal kichadi. Numerous jokes and poems shared by him remain close to our hearts.When we were little he made sure that we watered his favorite plant . Little did we know what it was.
    He is our Hero. A very strong person who was not scared to say what was right.

    I used to hide behind my sister so that she would get scolded first and he knew that. Prabha did it all and she had solutions for every single call Bappa made to her.
    I have to say that he spoiled us a lot too. If there was a wedding in the village he gave the best of the best. We had a choice in our lives and were free to make our own decisions.That is why my sister and I have macy’s and amazon deliveries now and then. We don’t blame ourselves but whoever is the person who spoiled us.
    Nothing was imposed on us during his time and we were very lucky.
    He is a legend and has left his legacy and very fond memories with us .

    We are indeed blessed and fortunate that Bappa gave us time to spend the last precious moments with him and to experience what the journey of life is. Those of us who know him can feel his energy and wisdom in our hearts. He knew that his time had come for eternal life. He told us to let him go and to take care of our mom. His wish was that his soul shall leave during the early hours of the morning with my mom’s permission. Baappa left us very peacefully. Our family members are indeed blessed for their presence and respect for Bappa during his last moments. He was able to chant the 18 precious names of Gita and listen to the first adhaya and partially the second one as well. We asked him questions and he answered exactly like he used to do to us.

    He always reminded us that “Karma Pradhan vishwa rachi rakha.” His teachings- Always serve with a good heart and never expect anything back.
    A great soul never dies. A great soul Keeps on showering the blessings on their loved ones. For the soul there is never birth or death. He is unborn , eternal, ever existing, undying and primeval

    A small verse from Bappa’s bhajan

    मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,
    हो,मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,
    मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,
    हो,मेरा रंग दो राम रंग चोला,
    Teri Ban Jayegi Ram Gun Gaye Se Lyrics
    ध्रुव जी की बन गई प्रह्लाद की बन गई ।
    knद्रौपदी की बन गई चीर के बढ़ाये से ।।
    मीरा की बन गई कृष्णगुण गाये से ।
    ब्रह्मा की बन गई विष्णु की बन गई

    Aum Tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam |
    Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan-mrityormuksheeya maamritaat ||

    Thank you
    Your memories and your soul will give us the strength and blessings forever . Love you Bappa.

  2. Santoshni says

    Rest In Peace Aja

  3. Satesh says

    Om shanti shanti shanti

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