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Thomas Mark Vincent September 27, 1952 - November 18, 2020

Thomas Mark Vincent

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Thomas Mark Vincent, 68, of Turlock, California, passed away unexpectedly on November 18. He passed away due to chronic medical conditions.

Tom graduated from Los Banos High School, then attended Gavilan College where he played football. He continued his collegiate career at Weber State and finished playing at Long Beach State University. After his collegiate career ended he joined the Los Angeles Police Department and served there for two years before joining the Turlock Police Department. While working for the Turlock Police Department he served in various positions including patrol, detective, SWAT, and Field Training Officer. He received many accolades for recovering stolen vehicles while working with the Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force (StanCATT). Tom was a 30+ year veteran police officer when he retired. He continued to volunteer at the Turlock Police Department for several years after his retirement from patrol. In his spare time he would spend it building models of military vehicles, he loved spending time with his family and reading various books about military events in history.

He was a kind and loving husband to his wife Bonnie, a great father to his son’s James and Matthew. He was also a great father-in-law to Matthew’s wife, Erika. However, he was best known as Papa to his grandchildren Uma and Magnus. He  was honor and duty bound when he worked and always fun during his downtime. Tom would often say two phrases that sum him up well, “If you don’t ask, you won’t know” and “All they can do is tell you no”. He always pushed those around him to get better by being a safety net that, if you needed help or advice, one could turn to.

Tom was preceded in death by both his parents, Manuel Souza Vincent and Geraldine Vincent. Aside from being survived by his wife, sons and grandchildren, Tom leaves behind his brothers, Manuel and Michael, his sister Dona and many nieces and nephews.

Per Tom’s wishes there will be no services. In lieu of sending flowers please make a memorial donation in Tom’s name to the American Heart Association.

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  1. M. Clark says

    He was a great example in my youth. He was a man who gave you a fair chance and firm warning and if you didn’t want to take that good advice he was tough and I really feel it helped me and many others make better decisions and we all grew up pretty decent, now mind you we weren’t bad kids just kid’s. I can’t name another TPD Officer but I always remembered his in a good way and proud of the service he gave our community. Thank you Officer Vincent and may your new journey be blessed. My condolences to his family and friends.

  2. Joseph poma says

    Tom you were a good man and a good cop rip sir you will be missed Joseph poma

  3. Mike Waldroup says

    Up until I moved, Tom and Bonnie were neighbors of mine for many years. Many times I called on Tom for advice regarding police matters. If he could’nt answer my question he would find an officer that could. I remember seeing Tom behind the glass in the old building for the first time after he had retired, he said he loved police business and could’nt stay away from it. Another phrase he used was, “If you are somewhere, especially at night and you have a bad feeling, that’s your gut telling you to leave immediately. Always trust your gut” he would say. I’ll miss my old buddy Tom Vincent. My condolences to Bonnie and those boys, and family.
    Mike Waldroup

  4. Lana robinson says

    Tom was a big guy with an even bigger heart. I loved walking into the PD seeing his smile saying hi. I loved our chats when he would come into dispatch. Thank you for the memories.

  5. Andrew M Musaelian says

    Tom and I were LAPD academy classmates 8/75. We received our first check at the end of the month of August, 1975. So, Tom is at the B of A–Western and Hollywood Blvd. I kinda recognized him as I saw him all day long. So I asked where he was living and he pointed to a cheap Motel across the street and was paying $50.00 a night. I invited him to my apartment for the next 5 months and he was so grateful. He had to sleep on the floor for 5 months but the price was right. We fought like the “odd couple” but remained friends. When it came time for combat wrestling, he gave me no mercy. He was real McCoy. That’s when I decided the rent was going up to $500.00 a day. I was shocked to hear he left 77th in 1977. We did keep in touch when he was living in Turlock. RIP buddy. You owe me nothing.

  6. Gilbert Zaccaro says

    I worked with Tom at TPD when he first came up from LAPD. At that time there were 3 of us on the midnight shift. Tom, Joe Draffen and me. We had a great time. I have a picture of the 3 of us at the briefing table in the old squad room. He was a good cop, but more importantly he was a good man. Lots of great memories. RIP Tom.

  7. Clare Evans says

    Tom was a fine officer who served Turlock well. My condolences and prayers are with the entire Vincent family.

  8. Megan Patterson says

    Thanks Tom for all you did for our sons and the other boys in Troop 451. You are missed! Hugs to all your famil

  9. Craig Bothe says

    I worked with Tom for 28 of his 30 years at TPD. I was a lateral officer from another police agency, and I was lucky enough to have Tom as my FTO. I thought I knew a lot about police work, but Tom showed me so much more about the job, how to stay safe and how to treat and communicate with the community we served. He was always the professional and was a great example of how the job should be done. I have fond memories during my training, of taking our Code 7 at his house, with Bonnie making us lunch. We spent a lot of time on the job together and he had the uncanny ability of spotting stolen cars, which led to his time as a detective in the county auto theft taskforce (StanCATT).
    Tom, you were a great police officer, friend, and family man. I miss you “Tommy.” Rest in peace my friend.

  10. allen luty says

    I worked with Tom for many years at T.P.D. Tom could be gruff and yet was both kind and generous. I remember he gave me a holster and other equipment just to be nice.
    Tom was a professional and could be counted on to do his job in the best way possible.
    He was a good cop and a good guy, rest in peace Tom.

  11. Stephen Webb says

    Tom was a great man and a great cop. We worked together for over 30 years. What I admired most about him was his dedication to his family. I remember countless stories about James and Mathew as they were growing up and the activities he was involved in with them. He was so Proud of them and even prouder as they grew into adulthood.
    I will always remember Bison, a nickname he affectionally embraced after a trip to Yellowstone, he spoke of that trip often as we worked various shifts together.
    A true pillar of the Turlock community as is mentioned in his bio.
    I can see it now, Tom telling St. Peter to “watch the curb” (those that rode with him will understand” as pulls into the Pearly Gates .
    We all have another Blue Angel looking over us, RIP Bison you will be missed.

  12. Larry & Marlene Parkinson says

    Hugs and prays to all the Vincent familySo sincerely sorry for your families loss.

  13. Lindsay Bolin says

    I came to know Tom back in 2003 when I dated James for a couple of years. He was always kind to me as they welcomed me as part of the family. I know how much he loved his family and did a wonderful job providing a happy life for his boys and Bonnie. God bless you all…..

  14. Carole Quan says

    I am so sorry for your loss.
    Carole Quan

  15. Mark A. Rhoden says

    Tom was a one of a kind man and very likely responsible for countless successful law enforcement careers. As a family friend, he inspired me into my law enforcement career. I think he knew I would end up a cop after college before I did. Although we never worked together as professionals, his mentorship, friendship and ear undoubtedly made me a better person and professional. He is a legend.

    We never expected to lose him this soon but I am eternally thankful for the nice long visit we had at James’ house a few months back. Almost like a premonition, he reminded me to keep an eye on what is most important and to take care of myself and my family.

    God bless Tom and the entire Vincent Family for the warmth and love through years.

    Tom, you will never be replaced nor will you be forgotten. Until Valhalla My Friend!

  16. Jason says

    Tom was a pillar at TPD and within the community. I had the benefit of having Tom as an FTO, mentor, and friend.

    Never park to close to the curb and C7 at the Vincent dinner table will forever be a memory for me.

    God did not make many like Tom and our world would be a better place if we had a lot more men like him. Gruff but soft on the inside.

    God Bless you Tom you will be missed.

  17. Nino Amirfar says

    Tom Vincent was a mentor, teacher and great friend. His early training during my start at TPD instilled in me how important being a police officer for our community was.
    His influence over his 30 plus years to all of TPD is immeasurable and will be a part of TPD for decades to come.
    Tom, thank you my brother and friend . May you rest in peace with our father in heaven.
    I love you!

  18. Jim & Debbie Jones says

    To Bonnie and your Great Sons. There are no words that can ease the pain in your heart of Toms passing. When Matt called to tell me about Tom I’ve been thinking of all the fun times. Watching James and Mathew grow into the Men they’ve become is great. Tom would tell me how PROUD he was of them. I can see why. Even though we can’t get together You know we feel the loss of a Great Friend. God Bless Your Family now and always

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