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William Michael Richards January 26, 1963 - June 27, 2019

William Michael Richards

January 26, 1963 – June 27, 2019

Billy was a quiet and caring man. Billy was 56 years old and grew up in Ballico, California with his parents and eight sisters. Billy started working at a young age and was a very hard worker. Billy worked for many years in construction and maintenance. Billy’s greatest achievement in life was his family whom he loved dearly.

Billy enjoyed spending time with his family, barbecuing and playing with his grandchildren. Billy also enjoyed spending time outdoors, camping and fishing with his family. He loved watching T.V. and movies. His favorite shows were Heartland, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and Leverage.

Billy was preceded in death by his father William Richards, nephew Mathew Bustamante and cousin Russell Biddle. Billy is survived by his wife of 14 years, Arleen Richards and their children William Richards, Sarah Richards, Justin Richards, Alex Richards, Jocelyn Dias, Jordan Stockwell and Alyssa Gomes, his mother Betty Richards, his siblings Donna Bustamante, Charlotte Martinez, Barbara Nichols, Debbie Martinez, Sharon Richards, Pamela Hensley, Peggy Hopkins, and Laurie Richards.

He spent his last days with his family until he went peacefully home with our Lord.

Services will be held at 4pm on Monday, July 22, 2019 at Allen Mortuary, 247 N. Broadway in Turlock.

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  1. Amy Martinez says

    My Uncle Billy was a kind Hearted Man for sure. As kids my brothers and I would go stay with our mother for the summer out in Ballico and I dont remember one day that my Uncle Billy ever yelled or was angry for anything and I know we did things we were not suppose to lol but not once did I ever see him upset with anything we did. He was always kind. He loved talking to all us kids, me and my brothers and his kids and all my cousins and hanging out with us. My only wish is that I could have spent more time with him. I love you Uncle Billy with all my heart and soul and I’m going to miss you dearly.

  2. Tina Silva says

    Good person truly treasured by our family to have many years of friendship with you and family Billy. I miss those days with you and Russell Biddie and his family all getting together for Easter Birthdays Hollidays and just all meeting up to have BBQs. Yes quiet but also talked around people he was comfortable with. Your kindness and hospitality of warm welcomes for all your friends to just walk into your home as though it were their own. Life just won’t be the same without you and Russell You both will be truly missed and always in our hearts! Much love to you prayers for the family RIP our Friend❤

  3. Sharon greer says

    My brother Billy was a good hearted person he help me when my first born son david Richards as well as our daddy did also.would always be there when I needed someone to talk to boy if anyone could drive him nuts was me wouldn’t shut up when he would be watching a movie but he loved it inside I know it lol he use to irritate me to miss that He was a wonderful daddy a very wonderful grandfather loved watching him down on floor playing with them.ILoved how much he and his wife arleen as she did him I love you for that your are still my sister-in-law and someone to lean on heart to heart when needed to talk.my brother Billy so found his heart to heart with you and all the children and grandchildren.he was so shy lol couldn’t get him to go into store alone pay for his stuff himself pay me or get diapers for my son lol he was one of a kind with my our cousin rusty to boy heavens probably having a blessed time with them as we all did.I love you brother tell daddy and grandparents & all our other relatives and loves one hi for me I look up every night cause I know he & all our loved ones are too.

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