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Our Facilities

Whether it is a memorial or funeral service, large or small, in our chapels or your church, Allen Mortuary is ready to accommodate your needs.

We offer several options including chapel, church, graveside, funeral and memorial services as well as public viewings. At Allen Mortuary we serve all faiths and are ready to adapt to your needs.

Arrangement Rooms

Our spacious Arrangement Rooms allow your family members to comfortably and privately plan a loved one’s services with the help of your Arrangement Counselor. Caskets, urns and other merchandise are displayed to give you better visual reference than a catalog.

Allen Mortuary | Casket Display


Allen Mortuary has two chapels available to fit your needs. The impressive structure of the Founder’s Chapel gives the Allen Mortuary building its signature crest. The natural finish of the ceiling’s grand wooden planks creates a warm glow and an impressive atmosphere. With a capacity of 250, the Founder’s Chapel is the ideal setting for larger celebrations of life.

The more modest Heritage Chapel is available for small services and seats up to 50 people.

Allen Mortuary | Main Chapel
Allen Mortuary | Main Chapel
Allen Mortuary | Main Chapel
Allen Mortuary | Main Chapel

Hospitality Room

Immediately adjacent to the Heritage Chapel is a convenient hospitality room equipped with tables and chairs, kitchenette with hot and cold beverages, and plenty of window views to enjoy while relaxing and visiting.

Allen Mortuary | Hospitality Room


Allen Mortuary is proud to provide licensed, on-site crematory services. With a growing number of people choosing cremation, Allen Mortuary feels it is important to offer this service directly through our facilities rather than an alternative location for your convenience. We serve all faiths and understand that some families may wish to be present at the time of the cremation of their loved one; please know that you are welcome to do so.

With an anticipated completion date of July 2022, we have added an additional state-of-the art crematory to meet increased demand.